Monday, 25 August 2014

Finished My University Class

It's so nice to be finished my course and setting up both Sharon's and my classrooms. While I was at York University I found a club I might have joined if I had gone there! Sally took a picture. 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Slowly But Surely...

I am returning to sewing. I took all the colours squares from 2 Kona charm square packs and sewed them together into a square. 

I am now in the process of adding white borders with whatever fabric I have at the moment. 

The finished size will be a mystery. LOL. Might make a nice baby quilt?

Here is the pattern I'm making in my sewing class. We spent the first night measuring ourselves and learning how to adjust the pattern pieces. We actually pinned the paper pieces together and tried it on to make some of the adjustments. 

Due to all those years on swim team, I have to let out the back then we'll taper it in once it is together. 

I am learning lots and feeling happier about sewing clothes again. Maybe they will fit more comfortably and I'll wear them more often. 

While we were away on a teacher course in Kanata I dropped into The Running Stitch. 

What a lovely store. Bright
Colours, great light and friendly staff. 

I bought a kit to make Zen Chic's Open Your Window pattern. 

It uses her Sphere Layer cake for the windows. 

I also picked up some oak shot fabric. I haven't used this before but I love how it looks. 

A new pattern to use up some scraps?
Sorry the pictures are so big. I didn't have a computer so I've been using my iPhone and iPad. Things will back to normal because after saving all my loonies and toonies I was able to put it towards the cost of a new laptop. Yeah!
Talk soon,


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Happy Canada Day!

Just thought I'd pop in and wish everyone a Happy Canada Day. I love living in Canada and usually love fireworks. BUT I am on my second dog with a fear of fireworks who is too afraid to go outside to pee so we almost have to carry her out. LOL Oh well. Enjoy the day. Here is a photo from my local grocery store for your enjoyment. 


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Found a Quilt Store

My friend Karin and I went to check out a new to us quilt store in Whitevale Ontario.

We left work as fast as we could and made it to the store in time to buy some great fabrics. The store is called Log Cabin Quilts, it used to be an online store. 

The store has short hours (they close at 4:00) but their selection is great. 

The store is located in an old building and it is bright and cool.

It would be a great place to take a class. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Hit and a Miss

Well I haven't tackled any piecing of quilts yet but I did work on a project that I purchased in the Winter. I saw a bag in my favourite quilt store and decided to make one for myself. I thought I would use it for Kindergarten next September since I won't need to carry a briefcase as much. 

I have started using this foam that is layered with a cotton suede kind of fabric. I bought a roll of it when a store went out of business. 

Now I wish I'd bought more. It is used in purses and helps the purse keep it's structure. I love how it looked in my iPad case so I thought I'd use it in this bag instead of batting.

Right now I am using it as my purse while I deconstruct my messanger bag purse and put this foam into it to bring it back to life. It is way too floppy.

I went to the second hand store and found some navy floral cotton fabric. I had enough to make a simple summer dress. I pinned it and cut it and started sewing. Then I went to sew the front and back pieces and realized I cut the back at the wrong length. ARRRRGH! 

I also found the neck was too high and the sizing was too big around the waist. 

So I unsewed some of it and I am looking at some other pattern styles to see if I can adjust it so I will wear it. If It's a bust it only cost $2.99!


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A New Bag For a New iPad

Since I have to turn in my school iPad at the end of the school year I decided to buy a personal iPad for my own use. 

Therefore It needed a bag to carry it and protect it. I picked out fabric to match the keyboard case I bought. 

I made a pocket for the inside to carry my cords and cloth to wipe finger prints off the screen.

I used the left over binding to cover the strap and I added magnetic catches. The problem is I added them after I put the binding on, so I found some big buttons in my button jar and presto magnets covered!

There is some fancy stitching on the fabric, it helps to quilt the layers together. I bought some "foam" lining for purses and that is what is between the 2 layers of fabric. I'm thinking of taking my messenger bag/purse apart and putting this between the fabric layers too. My purse is too floppy now and things fall out of it when I put it on the floor.

I'm very happy with how it looks. Considering I was supposed to follow a pattern (and I didn't) it worked out great. Now what will I do with the zippers I bought to use with this bag? Hmmmm


Sunday, 11 May 2014

I Know, I Know....

I haven't written on this blog for some time. I know excuses, excuses. Work has been "creativity crushing" and I have put projects aside. I have been sewing, just not quilts. I picked up a pattern at a favourite quilt shop and I have been making soup cozies.

They are great, I put them in my lunch and reheat food in the microwave and no burnt fingers!

soup bowl fits inside the well
bottom of cozy

Inside of cozy

Stack ready to make some more!
Sally came to a workshop with me and helped me make a stop motion video.

I signed up for a sewing class during the summer. I will be taking a class to make a cotton blouse/shirt. I need to learn how to customize the paper patterns so they fit me. We will be making McCall's pattern M6035.

I am also in the process of signing up for a class with Jacquie Gerring. I hope to take her Slash and Insert class over the summer.

I can feel my sewing mojo returning slowly. I am reading blogs and getting inspired by all the hard work out there. I'll be getting back to more regular posts now that work is winding down and I have a new job to go to in September. Talk soon,