Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Found a Quilt Store

My friend Karin and I went to check out a new to us quilt store in Whitevale Ontario.

We left work as fast as we could and made it to the store in time to buy some great fabrics. The store is called Log Cabin Quilts, it used to be an online store. 

The store has short hours (they close at 4:00) but their selection is great. 

The store is located in an old building and it is bright and cool.

It would be a great place to take a class. 


  1. Oh my! Looks like a lot of gorgeous fabrics. Too much fun!

  2. wow! it looks great so glad you got there before it closed xx

  3. She has a fabulous selection of fabrics and great prices! I've only been to the shop once but Nicole attends lots of local quilt shows so I usually buy from her at the shows!

  4. What a fabulous looking store!