Sunday, 25 May 2014

A Hit and a Miss

Well I haven't tackled any piecing of quilts yet but I did work on a project that I purchased in the Winter. I saw a bag in my favourite quilt store and decided to make one for myself. I thought I would use it for Kindergarten next September since I won't need to carry a briefcase as much. 

I have started using this foam that is layered with a cotton suede kind of fabric. I bought a roll of it when a store went out of business. 

Now I wish I'd bought more. It is used in purses and helps the purse keep it's structure. I love how it looked in my iPad case so I thought I'd use it in this bag instead of batting.

Right now I am using it as my purse while I deconstruct my messanger bag purse and put this foam into it to bring it back to life. It is way too floppy.

I went to the second hand store and found some navy floral cotton fabric. I had enough to make a simple summer dress. I pinned it and cut it and started sewing. Then I went to sew the front and back pieces and realized I cut the back at the wrong length. ARRRRGH! 

I also found the neck was too high and the sizing was too big around the waist. 

So I unsewed some of it and I am looking at some other pattern styles to see if I can adjust it so I will wear it. If It's a bust it only cost $2.99!



  1. I think your bag turned out lovely. Your ipad case too

  2. like your bag xx never mind about the others .. I'm sure you can work something out xx don't you always find you NEVER buy enough of the one thing that is working for you x lol xx

  3. Love the fabrics you've used for your bag it works so well that they are directionally opposite and the dress fabric is really pretty, I'm sure you'll find a way to use it :D - Chris

  4. Both of your bags are great. I really like the ipad bag but that's because its bright! Clothing construction is always a strain for me except for the Wiksten Tank which seems to fit me just right and doesn't have darts or buttons or zippers!