Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Snowman snow

Well it was snowman snow this morning but by the time we got outside the temperature had dropped and the snow wasn't as snowmanie (my made up word) as before. 

We have my Mum's Morkie over while my Mum recoups from the Flu. I took her out and she almost got lost in the drifts on our walkway. 

She came in and sat by the gas fireplace shivering until she warmed up. 
This is Tinker. 

This is the rug that Tinker is laying on. 

Yesterday we could see grass and the snow was melting. Today it is snowing and blowing, yuck!

Today's photo is for Mamafairy!

                     Snow angels!

                 And a family shot!

The last couple of posts have been done on my iPhone. Not bad if I do say so myself. 



  1. aww bet she thought she was drowning in snow xx Loving the ongoing pictures x