Sunday, 16 March 2014

National Quilting Day (A little Late)

It is Sunday evening and we are getting ready to go back to work tomorrow (sob) and I realize I still haven't touched my sewing machine. I did get out my blocks to restart my new quilt, but I didn't work on it. :(

My next project.
On Saturday, in honor of National Quilting Day, I did stop at 2 quilt shops and buy some things to help get me started again.

First we went to the Farmers Market (I'll let Sharon tell you about that) then we hit the Value Village and I found a goodie bag for $2.99.


Any ideas?
I'm not sure what this foot is for or which machine it will fit. I think the bobbins will fit my old singer Featherweight and 431G. The tool that looks like a coil holds the threads out of the way when you sew, it attaches to the foot area.

That's me with my purchase.
Lovely fabrics!
Small stripes for the outside.
We went to Lindsay to Appleseed Quiltworks and I bought fabric and a pattern to make a new iPad carrier. Sharon and I were up for a drive, it was sunny, cold,  and a little snowy. Next we headed to Herma's where I bought a piece of curry cheddar cheese, Oh my it tastes so good. Then we stopped at Annie's Quilt shop and I picked up some fabric, a pattern and 4 meters of fabric to make a skirt or a dress?
The fabric in the middle looks like zentangles.

What do you think, Skirt or dress?
On Friday we went to the Home Show. It was a wonderful day weather wise. It was so warm we left our coats in the car.

Yeah snow will melt!

Mike Holmes
I got my photo taken with a hero of mine. Sharon and I took lots of photos with our Playmobile figures. Sharon's turned out great. She should be posting them soon. My 2 photos are okay but keep an eye out for hers.
They are sitting on the bar. They are too small to belly up to the bar!

The front dash (I'm not driving) on the way home.
Hope everyone is happily sewing I will get there soon, especially now I have a new project. Tee Hee!


  1. SKIRT xx Love it that your little friends were on the trip and got to help with the choosing of the fabrics xx lol x

  2. That machine attachment looks like one for sewing on shirt type buttons. I think I have one somewhere from my mum's old Singer.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann, I'll have a look on the singer website and see if there are instructions for it too.