Thursday, 13 March 2014

Another Photo Opportunity

I think people are starting to think I'm crazy! Every where we go I have been taking pictures. That's not unusual, but I pull out Playmobile figures and
Pose them! Tee Hee!

We took the cars in today for a recall and while there we took some photos. 

That's my car waiting to go in for repair. 

Shopping for a new car? Dreaming I am!

I think I might have to name these guys soon! Sharon had a go too!

    Dreaming of a warm island in the sun. 

The reality of our weather!

That's what it feels like. One day +4, the next day snow blowing, then 2 days later +6 is predicted. Boy it's been a doozy this year. Hope all this snow helps the farmers and their crops. Something to look forward to. 



  1. Great photos. I'm thinking that her name might be Sally, Not sure about his at all.

  2. well I dont think you are crazy.. Im loving this series xx esp like the last one ....but not sure why!! lol x