Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A Photo A Day?

I thought I'd try to take a photo a day after seeing a couple of pictures a gentleman was doing in England. He uses a Playmobile character, so I went out looking for a figure to use in my photos. So here goes,


My new terrarium Sharon bought me for Valentine's Day. I added the chairs, coffee cup, mushrooms and green glass.

This is what the snow levels feel like in Oshawa!

I have done some sewing but things are crazy at work right now and it is messing up my creativity. I haven't sewn since it started. I go on March Break very soon and hope to be sewing again then.


  1. A break from work sounds great. Hope you get to rest as well as sew

  2. good luck .. and stay safe in that snow x I am doing a weekly challenge where we are given a word for the week and have to come up with ONE word to express it ... thats hard enough x interesting to see your next one x

  3. That is such a cute and funny idea:) I'm very sick of the sight of snow. It can go away now.