Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Lovely Day At The Beach

Sharon and I took Poppy to the beach today.

 We had sweaters and down jackets and wind breakers and hat and mittens all on in layers. When we stepped out of the car we knew we didn't need our hats and mittens. Part way down the beach we realized we were very over dressed. It was lovely.

That is not Poppy's footprint, it was massive. 

 Poppy was having a great time. She has never seen the beach or lake before. She had fun running in and out of the water on the shore. 

Look at the snow/ice on the end of the jetty. That will take some time to melt!

We weren't the only ones on the beach today. 

I collected rocks and wood from the beach for my new class in September. I am going to be in Kindergarten next school year. I expect I will be asleep very early for most of September and October. So not much sewing will be going on. 😴



  1. In my far distant youth I taught Kindergarten for one year. I loved it but oh boy is it exhausting.

    1. I am far from youthful so I hope I make it through the first few months. It's been more than 9 years since I taught kindergarten, I remember my back hurt from the small chairs!

    2. national shortage of snow down your end? I thought you had snow for a few more months yet!
      Gorgeous beach, I am sure you all enjoyed it!

  2. looks like you had a wonderful time x I love to go and look at the sea every so often x comes of living on an island I suppose x the statistics are that no one in the UK is further than 70 miles (I think .. maybe less!!) from the sea xx

  3. When my grandparents first came to Canada they thought they'd ride their bikes across Canada, until they figured out how wide it was. LOL