Monday, 3 February 2014

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Quilt

I finally have my Pigeon quilt off the frame and bound. It is hanging in the Library and I'm so happy it is finished. I think I would use a darker thread colour next time. Unless you are close to the quilt it is hard to see some of the work.
Yes it is laying on snow.

I love how the corner blocks worked out. The pigeon toe blocks were fun to make and I enjoyed the paper piecing on the light table.
The blocks are square, bad photo angle.

I had fun making this quilt, I love the character in this book. I am learning about designing quilts and doing the math to make it work out. The fabric pattern is based on sketches so the lines in the designs are not straight but slightly wavy. I wanted to have some of the smaller blocks in the side panels to show some of the emotions the Pigeon expresses.

I played with my quilting to make thought bubbles,
Colour issues!

pebbles on the road,

flowers and grass along the road,

 and trees!

And I can't forget the back of the quilt. It looks a bit scrappy but I like it. Need to work on centering my blocks but it was a learning curve.

I used all the left over pieces of the fabric from this line for the back of the quilt.
Happy sewing! I'll be back soon with a quilting class question.