Monday, 10 February 2014

A Series of Quilting Questions

1. When you take a class at a quilt studio do you,
A)  make the exact same quilt as the teacher's? Or
B) make it look like your own? (ie. change the border, make it bigger/smaller...)

2. Do you,
A) use the exact same fabric selection/colours as the teacher's? Or
B) use your own choice fabrics/or colours?

3. Do you,
A) come with all your fabrics chosen and ready to go? Or
B) have do pick out some fabrics when you get there?

4. As a quilting teacher do you,
A) want all the students to make the exact same quilt as yours? Or
B) do you like to see the different ways the design can be made up?

5. As a quilt store owner do you,
A) expect me to buy all my fabrics for this project at your shop? Or
B) expect me to buy some fabrics to add to my stash I'm using on this project?

I am thinking these questions would not be aimed at a beginner quilting class, but at an intermediate or advanced class.

I am just curious how people and quilt stores work in different areas and countries! This is not a test. I will not be grading your answers or reporting my finding to quilt stores! LOL!

Since I didn't have any photos of quilts to share just yet, I thought I'd show you something my non-sewing sister made. It is amazing. It is in a frame and sits on our TV cabinet. It looks like a real photo of Emerald Lake in the Calgary area.

Sharon's sewing art work!


  1. the work in the hanging is beautiful x I ALWAYS go my own way and frequently change what I have to make it mine x I usually use my own fabric .. but am not averse to buying fabric that catches my eye if I feel it will work better x MIND YOU this does not always suit the person running the class! One well know teacher in our area told me my work would never look good because ... I used different colours to her and .. I INSISTED on using solid fabrics! Needless to say I dont go to her sessions now .. her loss not mine as I like my quilts xx I have run sessions and am always delighted if some one changes my idea and makes them their own x I have never understood the need for clones x Hope your experience was not too painful x

    1. I too like to change up colours to suit my taste or the taste of the person I will gift the quilt too. Wow, I can't believe someone told you your quilt wouldn't look good! Thanks for your input it puts my mind at rest.

  2. I never sign up for a class just to make a project. I go for classes that teach some technique I need to know. If that involves an exact project, I tolerate it, but if I have a choice I add my design touch. I don't feel obligated to finish a class project once I've learned the intended lesson.

    I generally bring fabric from my stash and prefer small projects to large till I know if I like the technique. But who can be in a quilt shop and not take some fabric home?

    1. I don't think I've left a shop without some fabric in a bag. I'm trying out new shops in my area and discovering different expectations. It is eye opening.

  3. I am unlikely to make anything just like someone else made it. I am not sure if this is my natural arrogance coming out, or a sign of creativity! I will always wish to put my stamp on it! And I would definitely use my own colour selection!
    As far as the fabrics are concerned, if I thought I had exactly what I want in stash, I would use that, but if not, I might well have a look see, in case something in the shop was perfect.
    A course I did at a quilt shop gave us 20% off any fabrics bought for the course, so it really was a 'no brainer' to buy some of the stuff for it there!

    Does this help at all?

    Oh, and if I am ever teaching a thing, I want my student to choose their own thing- cloning mine does not make them invest in it as much as making their own 'superior ' version will!


  4. When I was painting I bought an item and we all painted it the same way because we were learning a technique. I like to come home with a quilt that is mine and maybe it is creativity/arrogance on my part but I don't want to be a clone. Thanks it's good to hear other people feel the same way.