Sunday, 12 January 2014

Step One in My New Quilt

Saturday was a lazy start to the day. We woke up late and dawdled. Then we got in the car to drive to the Peterborough Farmer's market. It's open during the winter, yeah! We drove through the fog on the highway where you couldn't see 3 car lengths in front of you. Boy that was stressful. There were cars driving full speed and passing us even though they couldn't see ahead of themselves. Scary drivers!

Don't worry Sharon took the photo while I drove.

Warm air (4 degrees) on top of cold snow = fog!

We made it before the market closed (1:00PM) then we went to a couple of stores we like in town. On the way home we stopped in Lindsay so I could go in the quilt store but they closed at 3:00PM. I was very surprised they closed so early on a Saturday but when I got home I found out that my LQS closes at 4:00. Oh well, I have to decide between sleep and shopping, and this time sleep won out.

I cut out the first set of fabric blocks for my next quilt.

Of course I didn't read the instructions very well and realized I needed another row of 5 blocks but I didn't have enough orange fabric so I improvised and added 5 more blocks of text fabric.

Forgot to rotate the photos, yikes!

So already my quilt will have my own personal flare and will not look like the quilt in the magazine, and I'm okay with that. LOL

Before Christmas Sharon ordered some books from Chapters and had them sent to her school. While she was ordering she ordered a book for me, I was surprised I could get it through Chapters but it was on their site so we ordered it. It arrived at her school this week and I now have it in my hot little hands. We didn't realize she ordered a used copy, we can't see anything wrong with the book and the price was lower so win win. ( I have to check out the CD still) So between sleeping and quilting I have some reading to do too.

Sharon texted this photo to me at school, I was very excitied.
P.S. here is one block I've been working on. I think I need to add more strips but I like it so far.

I might unsew one seam and redo it so the edges match better.


  1. well done on the book xx I HATE driving in fog .. and a big part is the idiots who drive as if it is mid-day in Summer! Be safe out there x

  2. Looks like it will be an interesting modern quilt. And, yes, some drivers have that suicide instinct, that makes you wish they would exercise it somewhere else!

  3. How fun to start a new quilt! Love your last block there