Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Post Holiday "Baking"

I love rum balls, but not just any rum balls. I want to have the Rum Balls I used to get from a little Bakery in Downtown Toronto. I used to stop there when I was in University. They made sandwiches and sold drinks and Rum Balls made with left over day old cake. Yum! I even saw them blacken red peppers on the gas grill one day. When you bit into the Rum Ball you could see the different kinds of cake inside. I haven't found a rum ball to match the memory of these yet.

Today I made a chocolate gluten free cake mix. Then I broke it up into tiny pieces and added a whole container or chocolate icing.

After tasting it I decided it needed vanilla (madagascar bourbon vanilla) and pure chocolate extract and Appleton's Rum. Gluten free often lacks flavour or is way too sweet.

I let the mixture set for awhile and then rolled it into little balls and rolled the balls in chocolate sprinkles.

Then I cooled them again (in the garage, 'cause it is really cold here right now) and then I had gluten free rum balls.

They taste alright but they aren't Rum Balls yet. Sharon says they need more rum next time. I'll keep experimenting until I find the right combination. Oh, why gluten free? Well I can't have rum balls in the house if I can't share them with my sister can I? And she is gluten free at the moment so what can a good sister do but share? BTW Sharon's iron levels have gone up while going gluten free but she isn't gluten sensitive according to her blood tests. Hmmmmmm!


  1. now it seems to me that if you have just ENOUGH rum in those balls you wont care what they taste like .. just dont drive for a while after eating them!! lol x

  2. Yummy......I had a co-worker who made the best but she would never give us her recipe. There must be some secret ingredient...LOL