Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A Sewing Year in Review

Where I get to see what I accomplished and celebrate my successes. I also get to see what I need to complete and what new projects I'd like to work on.
1. Hallowe'en Quilt 2. Flowers and Paper quilt 3. Keep Calm quilt 4. Jewels quilt

1. Pin Cushion ring 2. Paper piecing bag 3. Summer Dress 4. Pigeon Skirt

1. Ball and Chain 2. Twisted Kitty 3. HST Quilt top 4. Mini Twister

1. Hexies 2. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Quilt 3. Summer Slip 4. iPhone Case
1. Stack and Whack quilt top  2. Baby in the Jungle quilt
I am hoping to keep working on my Hexie flowers. I like how bright and cheery they are. I'd like to make a quilt top out of them for my bedroom. My mini twister is finished and hanging in my office at work. The Stack and Whack is pieced with borders  ( the backing needs working on) waiting to go on on the quilt frame. The HST quilt top has borders but needs something - maybe just some interesting quilting to be complete.

I bought some more designs of pantographs, so I'd like to finish some quilt tops that are sitting in a box. My Mum has also volunteered to let me quilt some of her quilt tops too! I hope to finish my Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus quilt before the holidays are over. Here's to new things and completing things in 2014! Keep safe and healthy and hope you get to sew a lot this year.


  1. I love your Flowers & Paper quilt - just beautiful!

  2. I miss puttering away on my hexies. Such great therapy. Your year looks great

  3. Love your Keep Calm and Carry On quilt - I have been wanting to make something similar for a while! And hexies - oh, hexies! I think 2013 (and possibly 2014) will be the year of the hexie for me!

  4. Great Keep Calm and Carry On quilt! Love words on quilts.:) You have a lot of finishes for the year. Looks a good year!

  5. Nice projects. Have a good and creative year!

  6. good work, barb! I love the keep calm quilt. hexies are awesome, too. epp is the best! not the fastest, of course, but great for handwork when you want a good slow down.

  7. You have many gorgeous makes, and your Flowers and Paper quilt in particular is so beautiful! Sounds like you have a nice list for the new year as well!