Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Peak at Plans for a New Project for the New Year.

I have chosen my next project to work on. It is a project I have been collecting fabric for and it has taken me awhile to gather what I needed. I loved the look of this quilt as soon as I saw it. I will put my own spin on the project and use my own fabric selections. This quilt will take me out of my comfort zone without a specific pattern to follow. I will be using a slice and insert method much like what Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen did in their book Quilting Modern.

My text fabric collection, mostly FQ's.
I have been saving this magazine since 2011 to make this quilt. I guess I wasn't ready to work outside the box!
I really like the bag on the front cover too.
I'll post pictures as I get going and let you see my progress. Before I can start this project, I will have to complete my Pigeon quilt. I took it off the frame when I was working on my DWR challenge quilt, Paper and Flowers.

 It seems I had measured my batting and backing incorrectly so I have to fix that then put it back on the frame and finish the quilting. I also un-sewed some work I wasn't satisfied with, so that has to be done as well.
This is the second time I've made a mistake on measuring, boy, I'm going to have to watch this carefully in the future.
In the mean time I hope everyone has a Happy New Year's Eve and a healthy and happy 2014!


  1. very cool fabrics for your new project. Will be looking forward to photos.

  2. Hello from Lily's Quilts small blog meet! LOVE your site :) Beautiful quilts!!