Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Peak at Plans for a New Project for the New Year.

I have chosen my next project to work on. It is a project I have been collecting fabric for and it has taken me awhile to gather what I needed. I loved the look of this quilt as soon as I saw it. I will put my own spin on the project and use my own fabric selections. This quilt will take me out of my comfort zone without a specific pattern to follow. I will be using a slice and insert method much like what Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen did in their book Quilting Modern.

My text fabric collection, mostly FQ's.
I have been saving this magazine since 2011 to make this quilt. I guess I wasn't ready to work outside the box!
I really like the bag on the front cover too.
I'll post pictures as I get going and let you see my progress. Before I can start this project, I will have to complete my Pigeon quilt. I took it off the frame when I was working on my DWR challenge quilt, Paper and Flowers.

 It seems I had measured my batting and backing incorrectly so I have to fix that then put it back on the frame and finish the quilting. I also un-sewed some work I wasn't satisfied with, so that has to be done as well.
This is the second time I've made a mistake on measuring, boy, I'm going to have to watch this carefully in the future.
In the mean time I hope everyone has a Happy New Year's Eve and a healthy and happy 2014!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Mix of Old and New

Mum's teak table set we are now using.
Sharon made Christmas dinner for Mum and I. It was scrumptious! We started with carrot soup then we had salmon and a cauliflower and rice gratin as well as beets and green beans. I am in charge of custard for Mum and Sharon's Christmas pudding. I eat it with shortbread.

We set the table with my Grandparents china and our imitation Depression glass wear. I am looking for tea cups to go with the china. We found egg cups awhile ago so I think I can find more cups, we only have 2. :( We added snowflake vases and small ornaments we found at Loblaw's.
Poppy (Australian Shepard)  and Tinker (Morkie)

Mum took Tinker back when we dropped her home Christmas night because the ice is cleared near her apartment. The ladies missed Tinker so they will be happy to see her in the halls. Poppy misses Tinker and spent much of today looking for her and moping.

Beautiful but worrisome.

On the ice storm front, we are doing well. We had a few flickers today and we are watching our tree in the backyard as snow piles on top of the ice. At night the temperature is low enough that we have heard the ice cracking. It scared us at first, we thought the house was being hit by something or the roof was falling off, but the ice must be freezing up after warming up during the day. Of course the dogs have to bark and protect us. LOL We have friends in Scarborough without power still. They are moving in with family.

 I have lost my sewing mojo, as well, I don't want to use my machines until the power settles down. I am fighting off a small cold and just don't feel creative. I bought some pantographs when they were on sale so I want to try them out before I go back to work. I'm going to take it one day at a time. I'm having coffee with friends tomorrow so that will be a nice change. Keep checking in I might get creative yet. Tee Hee.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Ice Storm and Lack of Power

Warning - photo heavy!

After I finished my DWR quilt I took a little break from quilting. It's always a little disappointing when the contest is over and,   "sigh"    you didn't win anything. :( 

Oh well! I participated in a couple of blog hops but left my sewing machine alone. I was lucky and won a fat quarter bundle of Kona solids from Dizzy Quilts, the fabric arrived and it is beautiful and it came from a shop I had visited on one of my bus shop hops! (Sew Sisters)
The last 2 weeks before Christmas break are crazy at school and the traffic has been annoying, with several 2 to 2 1/2 hour treks to work because of weather or accidents on the 401, which effects all roads as drivers change to their alternate routes.

We were given an unpaid day off on Friday (a political issue with the Ministry) and then an ice storm hit most of Southern Ontario!

First storm!
The bench at Mum's place

Bush outside our house.

Rose of Sharon buds outside our house.
Second Storm!
Lake Ontario and a park with tree damage.

Large number of branches on ground.
Large trees lost branches.

Branches just seemed to slice off.

More damage.
Our back porch, lovely icicles.

Our Rose of Sharon bush completely squashed by the ice. It was as tall as the lamp post.

Perhaps this should say free ice take all you want!