Saturday, 30 November 2013

Whew!! I Made it With 37 Minutes to Spare

Depending which section of the challenge you look at I have a day and 37 minutes or 37 minutes. So I had better type fast. It is 11:30ish at night in Oshawa and the lighting is really bad in my house so bare/bear with me.

I finished my Double Wedding Ring and I have decided it will go in the Modern section due to the way I quilted it and the incomplete pattern of the design. You'll see what I mean in a sec.

My design before I started.

First Wedding Anniversary is paper so I bought fabric that looked like paper to me. It is from the Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman. It was lovely to work with, very soft. Okay so its late I have to get my beauty sleep. I'll take better pictures outside if it is sunny tomorrow but here's what I could get tonight.  I had to wait until work today! Presenting,

True colours of the quilt laying on my Longarm frame.

Paper and Flowers 
Designed by Barb West 
Quilted by Barb West
65" square

The partial centers of the DWR on the sides of the design.
This shows the piano key type border too.

Some close ups of the quilting. I think I need a new camera or daylight bulbs in my light fixtures.

The lines in the blank section. random collection of straight lines.

You can see where the straight lines stop and the DWR design begins.

The quilting in the center of the DWR.

I used my 2" circle ruler to create these mini DWRs.
Here's a beauty shot to leave you with. Believe it or not these bright/new photos where all taken with my iPhone 5. I am impressed. I also wanted to share my Amaryllis with you. Thanks for coming back to look at the updated photos. Much better and they make my quilt look like it does in real life.


  1. So very fabulous! Great job

  2. I KNEW you could do it xx well done and good luck x

  3. Looks amazing! love the modern twist on an old favourite design.

  4. Such a beautiful quilt! I love the layout and the colours!

  5. Your quilt is divine...i really like the layout

  6. Just love i and the colours are beautiful