Saturday, 2 November 2013

Random Things and Some Finishes

Well I took my Keep Calm quilt to school and hung it up. I was able to take a much better photo. Although I'm always fighting poor lighting. :(

I had fun as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween. The kids thought I was a pirate? or a clown? I explained who I was to the older students (and some teachers) and I told the younger students I was an airplane mechanic. LOL I put the fabric panel up so I could show who I was.

I had fun doing my nails. I know they are not authentic but they match my head scarf.

I have been working very hard to finish my Halloween quilt. It was my first time using a pantograph.  I was a little shaky in spots but I got better as I went along. I still think I like working at the front of the frame. Maybe I should try a larger pattern? Or a more complicated one? I'll try again on another quilt and see if I like it.

I will try to take it outside and photograph it in daylight. Sharon and I are going on an egg run. I'll see if I can find a good spot and take a photo of the whole quilt.
I'm linking up to Quilt Matters and TGIFF. Thanks to Quilt Matters and Quokka Quilts for motivating me to finish more projects this month.


  1. I knew you could do it xx YAAAAA Rosie The Rivetter xx love the nails by the way x

  2. Yay, Barb! So glad TGIFF! is motivating. Love your Halloween fabric and your costume. Very fun! Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!