Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Quilt Store

The trend in my area seems to be for Quilt Stores to close down. We lost the Quilting Patch in Scarborough last year and this summer Peterborough lost it's quilt store. Another store closed on Hwy 7A.
We have had 2 new stores open recently. One in Oshawa, Ruby Pearl and another in Newcastle, Annie's Quilt shop. I have popped into Ruby Pearl, they carry Bernina sewing machines and I think they had the new Bernina Longarm machine set up for the Open House.[]=584386

Last weekend Sharon and I dropped into Annie's Quilt Shop on the long way home from Peterborough. (Don't worry Sharon got to go to Herma's Fine Food and Gift shop - curry cheddar cheese yummo!) I wanted to check out the new shop especially when I saw a picture in a guild brochure online.

This is the name of the group of buildings.
The store is in what looks like a ghost town. I've never seen the front of the buildings before, I always see the backs as I go up the 115 to Peterborough.

Check out the photos to see what I mean.

The store is lovely and of course I bought some fabric, have to support small businesses! LOL!

This Saturday we hit the Farmers Market and then went home Hwy 7 and ended up in Uxbridge. Sharon got to buy some gluten free treats at Frankie's and we picked up Mustard Cheddar as well as Single Malt Scotch cheese at the Cheese store in town. I went to the quilt store and came out with a kit to make a very cute owl, baby quilt and some poppy fabric I'd been admiring on line.

After a nap, I finished piecing my DWR quilt.

Needs a good pressing and some starch!

The back will have white strips on both sides.
It ended up being about 54" square and I have only tiny scraps of the fabrics left over except for the pink, so I used that for the backing. I'm not putting a border on the quilt and I think it will be a wall hanging. I will have to figure out what to bind it with and how I want to quilt it.

Feathers are very new for me so I might look for something else to use although I'm not having much luck. 13 days and counting!!!!


  1. what a fabulous find in that shop! I can see WHY you had to buy fabric there ... you just HAVE to keep her going xx

  2. your DWR looks lovely - I like the setting. I always like hearing about new quilt shops opening.

  3. Looks like lots of wonderful fabrics to me! Your DWR is very pretty.