Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Newest Challenge

I'm glad Sharon is back to blogging. She is dealing with extremely low blood iron which makes her very tired. By the time she works with 3 and 4 year olds all day then comes home, she's exhausted. She's trying to go gluten free until Christmas to see if it is the gluten/wheat that is blocking her iron absorption. This was something she found out through research. I know we are vegetarian but we both take an iron supplement and that isn't helping. She's also gone through iron injections and that only brought her numbers up slightly. It's wait and see for now.
Sharon wishes this were true!

I have my Pigeon quilt on my frame, ready to quilt when I'm ready.
I'm going to quilt in the ditch and then figure out what to do next.
I looked at my calender the other day and realized I had better get going if I was going to make something larger for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge. I have to have my quilt completed and posted on this blog by December 1st. I have my fabric and I have the templates, so I had a cutting frenzy.

I cut out as many sections as I could fit from the amount of fabric I bought. Then I thought I'd try some different layouts.

I thought I would quilt the same shape in the blank squares to make the rings. Maybe next time.

I watched some You Tube videos on how to assemble the pieces and how to do the curves. Some people pin the curves a lot and other people don't pin at all! I decided to be somewhere in the middle. So I pinned the beginning middle and end of the arcs.

Sorry night pictures!
I got all my arcs sewn to the squares. Then I sewed the small ovals to the arcs.

Then I sewed the 2 sides together to make the "petals".

I did have problems joining the ring together and there was some reverse sewing! But I got one ring done. Wow! This quilt is all curves! I hope I get better sooner rather than later.

My eyes hurt (now I did work on the computer and read a few chapters in a book :) and oh yeah I dropped my long ruler on the top of my foot, point first. Yikes that hurt and left a mark! Now I only have to figure out how to make straight edges between 2 rings and I'll be away to the races. Any ideas? Video links? Thanks in advance!


  1. good luck .. you did one .. so you know you can do more xxx nose to the grind stone xx

  2. Hope she feels better soon. Say Hi. Your blocks are lovely