Saturday, 23 November 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once

My father used to say that every time he was helping me make something. I can hear him in my head when I measure fabric and anything that needs an accurate measurement. So why have I come up short with batting while quilting on my frame?  Twice?

I'm at least 4 inches short!!!
Oh well. I've been having fun quilting my pigeon quilt. I've made roads, clouds. thought bubbles, trees, and flowers. I've been having some thread shredding issues while making the grass so I had to stop to see if there were and sharp pieces on the guides that the thread goes through, that's when I noticed the batting shortage. Argh!

The road the Pigeon is standing on waiting for the bus.

The flowers and grass along the road.

Thought bubble above the Pigeon's head. I will sew a small bead on for the dot on the i.

I used a chalk pencil to write first then traced over it with the machine.
Once in a while you have to go back and look at your successes when you get frustrated, and I have to remember I finished a UFO (Keep Calm quilt) fixed the batting shortage (Twisted Kitty) and made the warmest quilt ever using minkie (Hallowe'en quilt). This is the most productive I've been in a while, especially while working.

This is hanging up at work in my Library.

This will go to a little girl one day.
This is on my chair and I use it almost every night to snuggle under, unless the dog gets up on my lap.

Thanks to the people who left me comments of encouragement to get these quilts done.


  1. Thanks for visiting Books and Quilts and entering my contest. Good luck.
    I have had the same problem with batting more than once. One time the shop cut it too short and the other two times, the pre-cut batting out of the package was several inches too short. arg.

    After seeing your Rosie the Riveter outfit, I had to sign up to follow.

  2. Nuts. I hate when that happens.

    Lovely finishes! Good luck sorting out the batting shortage.

  3. Saying hi from Kitchener. Love all your quilt finishes. Well done.

  4. Argggh! I hate it when a plan doesn't come together!!! I recently had a problem that required me to reverse sew and then do some more cutting before resewing. Your three quilts are gorgeous and a reminder that projects do eventually get completed even if there are hiccups along the way!