Saturday, 30 November 2013

Whew!! I Made it With 37 Minutes to Spare

Depending which section of the challenge you look at I have a day and 37 minutes or 37 minutes. So I had better type fast. It is 11:30ish at night in Oshawa and the lighting is really bad in my house so bare/bear with me.

I finished my Double Wedding Ring and I have decided it will go in the Modern section due to the way I quilted it and the incomplete pattern of the design. You'll see what I mean in a sec.

My design before I started.

First Wedding Anniversary is paper so I bought fabric that looked like paper to me. It is from the Architextures by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman. It was lovely to work with, very soft. Okay so its late I have to get my beauty sleep. I'll take better pictures outside if it is sunny tomorrow but here's what I could get tonight.  I had to wait until work today! Presenting,

True colours of the quilt laying on my Longarm frame.

Paper and Flowers 
Designed by Barb West 
Quilted by Barb West
65" square

The partial centers of the DWR on the sides of the design.
This shows the piano key type border too.

Some close ups of the quilting. I think I need a new camera or daylight bulbs in my light fixtures.

The lines in the blank section. random collection of straight lines.

You can see where the straight lines stop and the DWR design begins.

The quilting in the center of the DWR.

I used my 2" circle ruler to create these mini DWRs.
Here's a beauty shot to leave you with. Believe it or not these bright/new photos where all taken with my iPhone 5. I am impressed. I also wanted to share my Amaryllis with you. Thanks for coming back to look at the updated photos. Much better and they make my quilt look like it does in real life.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

I'm Almost Ready for the DWR Challenge

Nothing like leaving everything until the last minute!

Now I do have my excuses, work, dental surgery, work, exhaustion... I have 2 days 11 hours and 45 minutes kinda, sorta!!!

Oh And the last minute decision to add borders, which meant I had to enlarge the backing as well. Yikes!

I have the quilt loaded on my frame.

I have stitched in the ditch around each of the circles. 

My new oval and circle rulers.

I have measured enough batting this time.

I still need to decide if this quilt is traditional or modern.

On the floor of my Library.

I still need to quilt the fancy stitches, let's face it I have to finalize what I'm going to stitch. I started the border pattern.

Sorry bad lighting and no enhancing will make this clear. :(
I will need to add my border (okay cut and get my strips ready while I'm sleeping) and my label. No Problem I can do this.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Measure Twice, Cut Once

My father used to say that every time he was helping me make something. I can hear him in my head when I measure fabric and anything that needs an accurate measurement. So why have I come up short with batting while quilting on my frame?  Twice?

I'm at least 4 inches short!!!
Oh well. I've been having fun quilting my pigeon quilt. I've made roads, clouds. thought bubbles, trees, and flowers. I've been having some thread shredding issues while making the grass so I had to stop to see if there were and sharp pieces on the guides that the thread goes through, that's when I noticed the batting shortage. Argh!

The road the Pigeon is standing on waiting for the bus.

The flowers and grass along the road.

Thought bubble above the Pigeon's head. I will sew a small bead on for the dot on the i.

I used a chalk pencil to write first then traced over it with the machine.
Once in a while you have to go back and look at your successes when you get frustrated, and I have to remember I finished a UFO (Keep Calm quilt) fixed the batting shortage (Twisted Kitty) and made the warmest quilt ever using minkie (Hallowe'en quilt). This is the most productive I've been in a while, especially while working.

This is hanging up at work in my Library.

This will go to a little girl one day.
This is on my chair and I use it almost every night to snuggle under, unless the dog gets up on my lap.

Thanks to the people who left me comments of encouragement to get these quilts done.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

New Quilt Store

The trend in my area seems to be for Quilt Stores to close down. We lost the Quilting Patch in Scarborough last year and this summer Peterborough lost it's quilt store. Another store closed on Hwy 7A.
We have had 2 new stores open recently. One in Oshawa, Ruby Pearl and another in Newcastle, Annie's Quilt shop. I have popped into Ruby Pearl, they carry Bernina sewing machines and I think they had the new Bernina Longarm machine set up for the Open House.[]=584386

Last weekend Sharon and I dropped into Annie's Quilt Shop on the long way home from Peterborough. (Don't worry Sharon got to go to Herma's Fine Food and Gift shop - curry cheddar cheese yummo!) I wanted to check out the new shop especially when I saw a picture in a guild brochure online.

This is the name of the group of buildings.
The store is in what looks like a ghost town. I've never seen the front of the buildings before, I always see the backs as I go up the 115 to Peterborough.

Check out the photos to see what I mean.

The store is lovely and of course I bought some fabric, have to support small businesses! LOL!

This Saturday we hit the Farmers Market and then went home Hwy 7 and ended up in Uxbridge. Sharon got to buy some gluten free treats at Frankie's and we picked up Mustard Cheddar as well as Single Malt Scotch cheese at the Cheese store in town. I went to the quilt store and came out with a kit to make a very cute owl, baby quilt and some poppy fabric I'd been admiring on line.

After a nap, I finished piecing my DWR quilt.

Needs a good pressing and some starch!

The back will have white strips on both sides.
It ended up being about 54" square and I have only tiny scraps of the fabrics left over except for the pink, so I used that for the backing. I'm not putting a border on the quilt and I think it will be a wall hanging. I will have to figure out what to bind it with and how I want to quilt it.

Feathers are very new for me so I might look for something else to use although I'm not having much luck. 13 days and counting!!!!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My Newest Challenge

I'm glad Sharon is back to blogging. She is dealing with extremely low blood iron which makes her very tired. By the time she works with 3 and 4 year olds all day then comes home, she's exhausted. She's trying to go gluten free until Christmas to see if it is the gluten/wheat that is blocking her iron absorption. This was something she found out through research. I know we are vegetarian but we both take an iron supplement and that isn't helping. She's also gone through iron injections and that only brought her numbers up slightly. It's wait and see for now.
Sharon wishes this were true!

I have my Pigeon quilt on my frame, ready to quilt when I'm ready.
I'm going to quilt in the ditch and then figure out what to do next.
I looked at my calender the other day and realized I had better get going if I was going to make something larger for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge. I have to have my quilt completed and posted on this blog by December 1st. I have my fabric and I have the templates, so I had a cutting frenzy.

I cut out as many sections as I could fit from the amount of fabric I bought. Then I thought I'd try some different layouts.

I thought I would quilt the same shape in the blank squares to make the rings. Maybe next time.

I watched some You Tube videos on how to assemble the pieces and how to do the curves. Some people pin the curves a lot and other people don't pin at all! I decided to be somewhere in the middle. So I pinned the beginning middle and end of the arcs.

Sorry night pictures!
I got all my arcs sewn to the squares. Then I sewed the small ovals to the arcs.

Then I sewed the 2 sides together to make the "petals".

I did have problems joining the ring together and there was some reverse sewing! But I got one ring done. Wow! This quilt is all curves! I hope I get better sooner rather than later.

My eyes hurt (now I did work on the computer and read a few chapters in a book :) and oh yeah I dropped my long ruler on the top of my foot, point first. Yikes that hurt and left a mark! Now I only have to figure out how to make straight edges between 2 rings and I'll be away to the races. Any ideas? Video links? Thanks in advance!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Hi! Remember Me?

Yes, I've been gone for a long time.  No, I was not burried under Barb's quilting stuff!!!  I have, however,  been dealing with some health issues that make me extremely tired and have low (pretty much next to nothing) energy.  Getting back to work in September was difficult and extra things like blogging, organizing the basement and getting my stained glass studio up and running went by the way side.  I gave up a lot of extras that I'm usually involved in through work too, but had to decide to focus on my health and well being.  It was difficulty to say, "No." to people but worth it so far.  I'm finally feeling a little more lively so I plan to be back more often.  I might even get to show you some progress on my studio!

We've had some really weird weather in Southern Ontario the past month or so.  It goes from unusually warm to cool to cold, rainy and dark.  All the changes in the weather have created some beautiful skies for day dreaming and gazing!

Holt Road early, early morning!
Dropping Poppy off at daycare gives me some time on back country roads where I am greeted to breathtaking sunrises like this one.  Really cold morning with our first hard frost of the season.

Barb stopped at a light and took this photo on the way to work one morning.
We have had so many rainbows these past few weeks.  While out on yard duty I saw one that was circular and formed a ring around the sun which was shining through an overcast sky.  I think it's called a Snow Dog. 
Taken from our family room window on a weekend morning.

This was the weirdest cloud.  
It looked like a tornado and over time it got bigger and bigger until it faded out.

How's weather near you?