Thursday, 3 October 2013

Twisted Kitty Finished

Well it's finished, actually as I'm writing this it is going in the wash. I am bound and determined to get these quilts finished so I can work on other projects!

I made a border around each set of twisted blocks and sewed down the middle (SID) then I meander
stitched around the blocks to make them pop out more.

I used one of the rulers that came with my machine to make the scallop around the border. I eyeballed the space and traced it with a chalk pencil to space it properly. I got the top border done and then when the center was finished I began to work on the bottom border.

Yikes the mess under my frame!

While I was quilting around the small ruler I must of looked away or drifted off for a second because all of a sudden I lost control of the ruler and the hopping foot came down on my thumb. I was sure I had a needle through my thumbnail. So without looking I wrapped my hand around my thumb and ran to the bathroom to put it under cold water but no needle. When I went back the needle was gone and I still haven't found it. ( It probably landed in a bag of fabric)
the back

the back showing the border

My label

close up of small twists in the border with pebbles

That was enough for me that night. I loaded another needle the next day which was hard to insert so I know I bent the casing that the needle goes into. I was sure the timing was going to be off but after a lot of fiddling it began to sew properly and I was able to finish quilting this quilt. I'm still battling the slight bump on the place where the tracks meet so I think I'll have the dealer come and check it out for me and they can check out the machine while there here to see if I damaged anything.
This was taken 2 days later.

When I checked my thumb the next day you can see where the needle slid across the skin and across the nail and where the hopping foot landed before I turned it off. Man that hurt and I was so scared I was going to the hospital to have a needle extracted from my thumb.
I'm linking up with TGIFF at Quokkaquilts.

Now I'm getting ready to load my next quilt. Just need to finish the backing. Gotta get back on the horse when you fall off. :)


  1. that's very cute and the quilting is great!!! thanks for linking up!

  2. That is scary with the needle! I heard this stories from my father years ago. Het had a factory with lots of sewing machines. Every time he told such a needle story I felt the pain, like now reading your story! You are a tough one!
    Your quilt is a eye candy. Lovely quilting and lovely colors!
    Love from Amsterdam.

  3. poor thumb!! hope you find the needle ..without it sticking into you x

  4. Great quilt ....fabulous quilting!!

  5. Wonderful quilt:) Sorry about you thumb....ouch!

  6. What a bright, happy quilt!

  7. Oh, Barb you are SO lucky! That has got to be painful cause it sure looks sore. Your quilt is sew pretty. I love the Hello Kittys. Your quilting is amazing and really does show off those pretty twisters. What a fabulous finish!

  8. Lovely! I know a little girl and a big girl that would fall overthemselves for this! :)

  9. Congrats on great finish. Lovely quilting and yay for pink colors :-)

  10. Hope your thumb's ok. Horrible thing to happen but thank goodness you didn't need a hospital trip! Your quilt is gorgeous :)

  11. Love the border quilting. So sorry you hit your finger, though. We do seem to sacrifice for our art frequently! Hope your finger (and the machine) have recovered!