Monday, 14 October 2013

Sometimes I Need Motivation...

... to get things done!

So when I saw TGIFF on Laura's blog Quokkaquilts, I decided it was just the right motivation to get some projects done. Last week I was able to finish my Twisted Kitty quilt and I linked up to Laura's blog.
This week I have finished my Keep Calm quilt and I am Linking up to M-R's blog, Quilt Matters. My photos are not great but I wanted to share what I got done this weekend. I will try to take a better photo in the next couple of days.
This is draped on my frame there is more space between the first 2 lines.

I quilted this quilt with a loopy design, with one loop up and the next loop down. I used red thread on the red fabric so you can't see the design very well.
Random loopyness!

The letters that I appliqued with satin stitch were looking a little wonky so I quilted a line on the inside of each letter to help hold them down and straighten out the stitching.

As an added touch I added jewels to the crown so it sparkles and to help keep the crown attached. It was very hard to stitch around some of the small holes. I am going to look for some larger jewels and see if they will look good on the crown.


The Creativfestival is coming next weekend to Toronto so I will have a look there. The store from which I bought my HQAvante will be at the show so I am going to book an appointment so Mrs. Biggins can get aligned and checked out especially since running my thumb over and almost sewing through it! I think I bent the needle case a bit so I'd like him to check that out.
This is a week later, it's getting better!
Hope I can keep up this motivation and get another quilt finished next week. You should link up too there are prizes for linking up finished projects. Go check it out. :)


  1. the quilt is beautiful and you quilting is amazing! I had a bruise just like that a while back! That HURT!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love it! Way to go, Barb! Those jewels are the perfect touch! Have fun at Creativfestival! Glad to see the needle didn't go through!

  3. This is just fabulous! I love it :)

  4. Fun! Oh and the little sparkly bits are perfect!

  5. That looks fantastic! I love the rubies!

  6. Love your quilt! I too love the added jewels to the crown. The applique letters look great on the images. Sorry about your finger. I hope it didn't throw your Avante off alignment. How do you like your Avante?

  7. Ouchy!

    The quilt looks amazing. Everything about it looks just right - the choice of background fabric, the quilting, the lettering - and the jewels on the crown were a great idea.