Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Can I Get it Finished?

I set myself a goal to complete 3 quilts by October 31st. I wanted to link them up for TGIFF at Quokka Quilts or Quilt Matters. I finished 2 and I finally got number 3 loaded on the frame. The deadline for liking up is October 31st so I have 1 evening left and some time Halloween night if the link stays open :)

I used a halloween Layer Cake from Sandy Gervais, Monster Bash,  and a pattern from Youtube/ Missouri Quilt Company called Double Slice Layer Cake. It was real easy to put together and I had fun moving fabric around so I didn't get too much black together etc. Now I did make some changes on the fly so we'll see what it looks like when I finish.

I decided to try a pantograph after talking to a Longarm quilting rep. at the Creativ Festival this weekend. I borrowed a pumpkin pantograph from a friend to try out on this quilt and have quilted 2 passes.

Tomorrow I get to figure out how to roll the quilt and get the next row lined up. This is my first time so I know that next time I will have to line up the pantograph so it fits inside the squares.

I went to Fabricland to buy something for the back of the quilt. My LQS is closed Sunday and Monday and I wanted to work on it over the weekend but was at the show on Saturday so I bought Minkie on sale (50% off) and I'm using that for the back of the quilt. This will be a warm and cozy quilt.

The minkie is very thick when it is rolled on the frame, it was heavy too. it is also very fuzzy when you cut it. I will be taking this outside to shake it off when I trim it.

One of the reasons I might not make my deadline is I stopped quilting to make a Halloween costume for work. I bought a coverall from Value Village. I cut the sleeves short and made a head scarf and a handkerchief.

I am going as Rosie the Riveter! Well time to get some sleep so I won't be too tired when I get home from work. Deadlines!!! Hope I make it.


  1. good luck, i want to finish quilting and binding 2 baby quilts by the deadline! (I did finish 4 projects already this month... so im doing pretty good!) I LOVE your costume!! awesome!