Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry


I have been reading a lot of blogs lately (translation = not sewing) and a lot of people are talking about the Quilt Festival so I decided to enter a quilt into this Fall's Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.

But which one? And which category?

Then I looked at my quilts and decided I would enter my Double Wedding Ring (single ring) into the mini quilt section just for fun. I had already entered it in the DWR challenge at the NYC Mod Quilt guild. I blogged about this quilt here, so I will go over it briefly again. (sorry if you've already read about it)

I knew I wanted to make a single ring to enter into the "small" category of the challenge. I was inspired by the Ghastlies Family Reunion fabric. I wanted the couple to be in the center of the ring. I used the colours from the main fabric. The rings are black (so is the chain and shackle!) and the background is a soft pink.

I love the expressions on their faces. Evil? Annoyed?
Most of the templates I could find were too big/small or the arc cut off their heads... So I got out a string and a pencil and pin and created the right sized circle. Then with the use of a fusible, I ironed down the arcs to make the ring.
My sister and I discussed the concept for the quilt and we came up with 2 names. I present to you
"The Old Ball and Chain" or A.K.A "Forged in Love".

The Old Ball and Chain, 19 1/4" x 20"

I had fun creating the links for the chain and doing a satin stitch around each. The links in front have shiny Sliver thread used for the satin stitch and the links behind have a regular embroidery thread.
The colour is washed out in the photo - it's pink :(
I quilted it on my HQAvante, which was fun because I didn't have to roll it up it fit between the 2 rollers. I did a lacy paisley on the outside which I thought went with the wedding theme and a small meander on the inside to help bring out the couple.
The back and my label.

I am finishing off 2 projects then I have a month to try to make a larger DWR which must have 4 or more rings in it, in order to be submitted into the Traditional or Modern sections. Wish me luck, I'm going to have to get back to sewing and stop slacking off. LOL


  1. Haha, I absolutely love this, fab idea!

  2. This is wonderful. What a great use of the fabric. Not sure what name I prefer. I'm happily married so 'forged in love' I think

  3. Such a neat interpretation of that fabric! Great job.

  4. fantastic interpretation of the DWR! Love it!

  5. Very cute! In my language "reading lots of blogs" also means "not sewing" what a coincidence!

  6. What a clever quilt! You have a vivid imagination!

  7. Oh, that is funny and I love the quilt! I think that would make anyone smile. :)

  8. So fabulous!! What an ingenious idea :)


  9. Fabulous!! What an ingenious idea :)


  10. I love this. It makes me laugh. I am also looking at blogs (aka not finishing what I need to....) You did wonderful job!

  11. Way fun quilt!!! Don't you just love the Ghastlies!
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie