Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Can I Get it Finished?

I set myself a goal to complete 3 quilts by October 31st. I wanted to link them up for TGIFF at Quokka Quilts or Quilt Matters. I finished 2 and I finally got number 3 loaded on the frame. The deadline for liking up is October 31st so I have 1 evening left and some time Halloween night if the link stays open :)

I used a halloween Layer Cake from Sandy Gervais, Monster Bash,  and a pattern from Youtube/ Missouri Quilt Company called Double Slice Layer Cake. It was real easy to put together and I had fun moving fabric around so I didn't get too much black together etc. Now I did make some changes on the fly so we'll see what it looks like when I finish.

I decided to try a pantograph after talking to a Longarm quilting rep. at the Creativ Festival this weekend. I borrowed a pumpkin pantograph from a friend to try out on this quilt and have quilted 2 passes.

Tomorrow I get to figure out how to roll the quilt and get the next row lined up. This is my first time so I know that next time I will have to line up the pantograph so it fits inside the squares.

I went to Fabricland to buy something for the back of the quilt. My LQS is closed Sunday and Monday and I wanted to work on it over the weekend but was at the show on Saturday so I bought Minkie on sale (50% off) and I'm using that for the back of the quilt. This will be a warm and cozy quilt.

The minkie is very thick when it is rolled on the frame, it was heavy too. it is also very fuzzy when you cut it. I will be taking this outside to shake it off when I trim it.

One of the reasons I might not make my deadline is I stopped quilting to make a Halloween costume for work. I bought a coverall from Value Village. I cut the sleeves short and made a head scarf and a handkerchief.

I am going as Rosie the Riveter! Well time to get some sleep so I won't be too tired when I get home from work. Deadlines!!! Hope I make it.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry


I have been reading a lot of blogs lately (translation = not sewing) and a lot of people are talking about the Quilt Festival so I decided to enter a quilt into this Fall's Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.

But which one? And which category?

Then I looked at my quilts and decided I would enter my Double Wedding Ring (single ring) into the mini quilt section just for fun. I had already entered it in the DWR challenge at the NYC Mod Quilt guild. I blogged about this quilt here, so I will go over it briefly again. (sorry if you've already read about it)

I knew I wanted to make a single ring to enter into the "small" category of the challenge. I was inspired by the Ghastlies Family Reunion fabric. I wanted the couple to be in the center of the ring. I used the colours from the main fabric. The rings are black (so is the chain and shackle!) and the background is a soft pink.

I love the expressions on their faces. Evil? Annoyed?
Most of the templates I could find were too big/small or the arc cut off their heads... So I got out a string and a pencil and pin and created the right sized circle. Then with the use of a fusible, I ironed down the arcs to make the ring.
My sister and I discussed the concept for the quilt and we came up with 2 names. I present to you
"The Old Ball and Chain" or A.K.A "Forged in Love".

The Old Ball and Chain, 19 1/4" x 20"

I had fun creating the links for the chain and doing a satin stitch around each. The links in front have shiny Sliver thread used for the satin stitch and the links behind have a regular embroidery thread.
The colour is washed out in the photo - it's pink :(
I quilted it on my HQAvante, which was fun because I didn't have to roll it up it fit between the 2 rollers. I did a lacy paisley on the outside which I thought went with the wedding theme and a small meander on the inside to help bring out the couple.
The back and my label.

I am finishing off 2 projects then I have a month to try to make a larger DWR which must have 4 or more rings in it, in order to be submitted into the Traditional or Modern sections. Wish me luck, I'm going to have to get back to sewing and stop slacking off. LOL

Monday, 14 October 2013

Sometimes I Need Motivation...

... to get things done!

So when I saw TGIFF on Laura's blog Quokkaquilts, I decided it was just the right motivation to get some projects done. Last week I was able to finish my Twisted Kitty quilt and I linked up to Laura's blog.
This week I have finished my Keep Calm quilt and I am Linking up to M-R's blog, Quilt Matters. My photos are not great but I wanted to share what I got done this weekend. I will try to take a better photo in the next couple of days.
This is draped on my frame there is more space between the first 2 lines.

I quilted this quilt with a loopy design, with one loop up and the next loop down. I used red thread on the red fabric so you can't see the design very well.
Random loopyness!

The letters that I appliqued with satin stitch were looking a little wonky so I quilted a line on the inside of each letter to help hold them down and straighten out the stitching.

As an added touch I added jewels to the crown so it sparkles and to help keep the crown attached. It was very hard to stitch around some of the small holes. I am going to look for some larger jewels and see if they will look good on the crown.


The Creativfestival is coming next weekend to Toronto so I will have a look there. The store from which I bought my HQAvante will be at the show so I am going to book an appointment so Mrs. Biggins can get aligned and checked out especially since running my thumb over and almost sewing through it! I think I bent the needle case a bit so I'd like him to check that out.
This is a week later, it's getting better!
Hope I can keep up this motivation and get another quilt finished next week. You should link up too there are prizes for linking up finished projects. Go check it out. :)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Twisted Kitty Finished

Well it's finished, actually as I'm writing this it is going in the wash. I am bound and determined to get these quilts finished so I can work on other projects!

I made a border around each set of twisted blocks and sewed down the middle (SID) then I meander
stitched around the blocks to make them pop out more.

I used one of the rulers that came with my machine to make the scallop around the border. I eyeballed the space and traced it with a chalk pencil to space it properly. I got the top border done and then when the center was finished I began to work on the bottom border.

Yikes the mess under my frame!

While I was quilting around the small ruler I must of looked away or drifted off for a second because all of a sudden I lost control of the ruler and the hopping foot came down on my thumb. I was sure I had a needle through my thumbnail. So without looking I wrapped my hand around my thumb and ran to the bathroom to put it under cold water but no needle. When I went back the needle was gone and I still haven't found it. ( It probably landed in a bag of fabric)
the back

the back showing the border

My label

close up of small twists in the border with pebbles

That was enough for me that night. I loaded another needle the next day which was hard to insert so I know I bent the casing that the needle goes into. I was sure the timing was going to be off but after a lot of fiddling it began to sew properly and I was able to finish quilting this quilt. I'm still battling the slight bump on the place where the tracks meet so I think I'll have the dealer come and check it out for me and they can check out the machine while there here to see if I damaged anything.
This was taken 2 days later.

When I checked my thumb the next day you can see where the needle slid across the skin and across the nail and where the hopping foot landed before I turned it off. Man that hurt and I was so scared I was going to the hospital to have a needle extracted from my thumb.
I'm linking up with TGIFF at Quokkaquilts.

Now I'm getting ready to load my next quilt. Just need to finish the backing. Gotta get back on the horse when you fall off. :)