Saturday, 17 August 2013

Studio Spotlight Tour

I decided to join the Studio Spotlight Tour at The Sewing Loft and Ellison Lane. For 5 days I've been looking at people's sewing studios to get ideas for when I move to a finished basement. (It will be a while) People are very clever and creative with their spaces.

My sister, Sharon, and I decided I should use the "formal" living room as a sewing studio. It would keep me off the dining table and maybe we'd eat there more often!
The room is almost a long octagon shape. Lots of windows and light.
We painted this side of the house navy blue. With so many windows we knew it would be great. That was before it was a sewing space, so we bought some standing lights for me to use in the evenings and put daylight bulbs in the ceiling fan. The other side of the house is a butter yellow.

Yes that is a 12 foot quilting frame right in the middle of the room. Let me introduce you to Mrs. Biggins, Sharon named her! She is holding several projects I'm working on - a Hello Kitty twister quilt, a Keep Calm and Carry On quilt and a project I can't share until it's finished. It's hiding under the Quilt Diva.

We inherited a teak dining set from my Mum when she moved from her 3 bedroom house to a 600 sq. ft apartment. So we decided to use the hutch for my sewing storage. I have big rulers on the top in a file holder and small rulers on the top shelf in a ruler holder. I have glass jars of buttons, zippers, seam binding, and fasteners. I use photo boxes to keep threads and fabrics neat. I store LA thread and pantographs there too. You can see books and a box of quilt patterns and clothing patterns. The closed shelves carry empty iPad boxes full of metallic thread, jewels, sewing feet...

The shelf behind glass is where I display vintage sewing things or collections. Things like pin cushions, my Nana's sock darning thing, old bobbins, my Lego sewing machine and a vintage sewing machine.
Beside the hutch is an old sewing cabinet that was made in Toronto. The top opens and has pegs to hold thread and bobbins. I store attachments for my Singer 301's in the drawers.


Here is my sewing area. I have a cutting table - it's up on bed risers to make it the right height for my back. My sewing machine and ironing board are next to each other. I store things under the cutting table, such as, scraps, selvages and the material for my current project.

The other side of the cutting board area.

Now I do store a lot of things under Mrs. Biggins. I have some fabric under there and a unit that holds my rolls of Wonder under and stabilizer, there are magazines and binders of ideas and patterns I have taken from magazines.

Binders of ideas.
Ikea magazine holders.

My new collection. I'm going to store fabric in these, it looks neater and keeps it out of the sunlight.
Hope you enjoyed the tour and got some ideas for your space. I hope to be tidying up under Mrs. Biggins soon so come back and check it out.


  1. Love your space. I have light envy. The idea of storing fabric in old suitcases is genius. I must put that on my yard sale list.

    Love the tiny toy singer too!!

  2. thanks for visiting my blog :) I live in southeast Missouri, there is a 100 mile yardsale every Memorial weekend! It takes ALL DAY to go about 13 miles, the most I ever went was about 40 miles :)

    Your little blue cart and trash can would match my paint scheme ;)

    xoxo melzie

  3. I see I am not alone in my pin cushion crush! Thank you for sharing your sewing space with us on The Studio Spotlight Tour. ~Heather

  4. Thanks for sharing your amazing space with us. I love that teeny sewing machine on your shelf!! Thanks for linking up to the Studio Spotlight Tour.

  5. What a huge space! Is your house a heritage home? Such tall ceilings.....
    Happy sewing!

  6. I would love to have windows like yours in my studio. And I like the vintage sewing collection too.

  7. Your sewing room looks great and full of all sorts of goodness! Love Mrs. Biggins!

  8. Barb, I love your teak cabinet. I also have some vintage suitcases I use for storage. They work great! My advice is that you get ones with flat tops that you can easily stack. You asked on my blog what kind of quilt frame I have. It's a New Joy. The shelf can be used for pantographs. I love it!