Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Progress on the Longarm

I can see the waves in the borders that will be a problem on the frame.
I have had my Jewel: Triangle Log Cabin quilt on the LA frame since the middle of June.

I started it then got busy and distracted by other projects and lets face it I got scared of that big ol' machine!

So I put it off and put it off but every time I walked past it I saw that quilt and told myself I would get it finished soon. Well it is finally finished and off the frame and I have the binding finished. I took pictures but I'm not very good at this without Sharon to help me set up the pictures so here goes.

After I photographed it I threw it in the wash with a colour catcher to soften it up. I hadn't washed the fabric first because it was made from a scrap bag of Central Park. I got Sharon to hold it for me when she got home so you could see the whole quilt. Of course it got windy!
Oops! I was supposed to crop her feet!

The backing.

A close-up of the quilting on the back.

Another view of the quilting. Hey I'm not afraid to show the back of my quilting now.


  1. Very very cool! Love all that quilting

  2. may have taken a while but it looks good x its just practice .. which then brings confidence xx