Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Our Visit to Quebec City

Our second short trip this summer was to Quebec City. Sharon and I went with our Mum for 3 days. We could have driven like we did to Ottawa but it would be a long drive. We could have taken the train but it could be between 91/2 hours all the way to 12 1/2 hours depending on the number of stops.
So we decided to fly Porter Airlines, it was amazing! We got up Monday at 3:30 AM and flew out at 7:50 AM and landed early at 9:10 AM. (Sharon and I decided we might book all our holidays around where this airline flies.) When we got to the hotel one of our rooms were ready so we dropped off our stuff and started sight seeing.
Love the roof tops on this set of houses.

We visited the upper part of Old Quebec City on Monday. We ate at cute little restaurants and walked and walked and walked. The Old City is beautiful and very historic. It was like going back in time.

We're standing in lower ville looking up at upper ville. The rails are the Funicular tracks.

On Tuesday we took the Funicular down to the lower part of the city. There were winding streets that didn't look like you could get 2 cars to pass on the road.

If you don't take the Funicular you have to use the stairs to go between upper and lower Quebec. My Mum has had both hips and a knee replaced so we were not doing the stairs!!!

This is the first set of stairs!
It rained and Sharon had to by an umbrella because it started to pour. We sat out part of the rain in another lovely restaurant and shared a tasty pizza and a bowl of celery soup each. After the rain stopped we walked and walked some more.

On Wednesday we had some time before we had to go to the airport. We walked to the parliment buildings and saw this statue to women's rights in the province of Quebec.

Then we walked to the Chateau Frontenac and looked around the hotel. We saw the slide they use during the Winter Carnival. You walk to the top and slide down on carpets.

All that gold and brown colour is hills and mountains!!!
I have to tell you all 3 of us had very sore calves. Sharon and I even got ready for this trip and for 2 weeks we went on long walks each night with Poppy to get our muscles back in shape. You see this is another city built on a hill. Every where we walked, if you go down hill you have to go back up hill. It took 2 days for our legs to feel better when we got back.
We had a good time and really enjoyed the flight experience. The funniest thing (now) is that the car service we used to bring us back from Downtown Toronto sent us a stretch Limo instead of the sedan we booked. It was like a party car inside with flashing lights, a bar, a stereo and a mirrored ceiling with rainbow lights. We felt like we should shower when we got home. LOL

I'll leave you with my favourite photo I took with my iPhone. It was when we were walking through a University street and it was shady and cool then I saw this tunnel/doorway with the sun and the red door against the yellow brick and snap, my favourite shot.

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  1. flying definatly the best option here x thanks for sharing a city that I will never visitx stairs...? no thanks lol xx