Thursday, 22 August 2013

My Small Quilt for the DWR Chalenge
Okay, I've been playing with the Double Wedding Ring pattern off and on since I heard about the Challenge the NYC Mod Quilt Guild was hosting. I entered and won a set of DWR rulers through the Blog Hop that introduced the challenges (small, traditional and modern).  I showed you a hint of my quilt here and here.

I cut out paper shapes and played with block placements on my dining room table. (I lost the photos that show this, which is too bad I liked the pattern) I also auditioned fabrics for the DWR. All along I wanted to use a specific fabric in the center of the DWR, specifically a set of characters. When my rulers arrived I realized they were too small and too thick to showcase the fabric I wanted to use, so I searched on line and found several patterns to start from until I came up with the size and thickness I wanted. You know the pencil on a string to make a circle...
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Next I needed an idea to go with the fabric. I knew the DWR = a wedding ring. I'm not married, what do I know about marriage, I only know the things I learned from listening to married people and TV shows.  I talked it over with Sharon (my colour consultant turned ideas woman) and showed her the fabric. We thought it was a bit like Downton Abby (almost the same expressions on their faces! LOL!!!).

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As we say when we come up with an idea together "Twin Powers Activated!" we/she came up with the expression of a ball and chain.

So I went online to look for an image to help me design the ball and chain. I found one image that I really liked so I changed it to suit the placement of the ball and chain in a 20" square (those are the measurements for the small quilt challenge). Now I could get to work.

The ball = the circle created by the DWR so now I had to draw out and cut out the shackle and chain. I used fusible product to attach the rings and the chains. Then I did an applique stitch around everything. I used a ribbon thread to make some links in the chain shiny so they looked like they were on top of the other links.
Check out those expressions!

The background is much pinker than this photo shows.

 I put the quilt on my frame and I outlined the couple then meander quilted the inside of the circle. I quilted around the arcs of the DWR, then I did my favourite paisley stitch around the outside of the circle, chain and shackle. I wanted it to look like lace, after all this is a wedding!

Well here it is my entry for the small DWR Challenge. I call it "The Old Ball and Chain" or "Forged in Love".  It is 19 1/4" wide and 20" tall.
The "corner" blocks are made from the large flowers you can see inside the circle, I outlined the circle in ribbon thread.

The label made from more of the Ghastlies fabric.

The quilting from the back.

 Well here I go, I'm linking up to the challenge. Wish me luck - hope everyone looks at it with a sense of humour!


  1. well it gets my vote! I think it is a brillient concept and execution!! well done .. A WINNER xx

  2. Fabulous! LOL big time!
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