Monday, 5 August 2013

My Sister Thinks I'm Crazy!

Sharon just shakes her head when she sees me on certain sites I like to watch. She says things like, "we don't have any more room," or, "we don't need it," or, "we can't afford it!"


When I showed her the deal I found she somewhat reluctantly helped me pick it up and bring it home (in our new cars, yikes!) Even she knew it was a good deal!

She even helped me carry it into the basement where it will be stored until I have room to use it. Are you curious yet?

Here it is closed up. (photo on Kijiji)

Here it is opened up. Look at the space.
How much do you think I paid for it? No it is not a Horn/Koala cabinet. It is Canadian made. The little cabinet I use now is not fancy either, but, this cabinet has the hydraulic lift for a machine. It doesn't have the storage my little cabinet has, there is a drawer in the small section on the bottom and a "tool" drawer seen pulled out in the large section. I can see buying a small drawer unit to fit in the space beside the small section, under the connecting piece.
My cabinet I use now with project on top. I paid $150.00 CAD for this cabinet and it was on sale.

Ahhh, that looks neater. Love the drawers on the door of this cabinet.

Give up? Drum roll........ it cost $40.00CAD. What do you think? Will I stop checking out my sites? Probably not. Tee Hee!


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