Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Paper Piecing and the Mistakes I Made 'Cause I Don't Follow Instructions!

Well now that I have been working on hexies and hand sewing them into flowers I thought I should try some paper piecing. I searched the net and found a pattern I'd like to try. I found a star pattern at Ellison Lane. So I printed off the pattern and got to work. Did I read any instructions? No! Did I think I knew what I was doing? Yes! Did I make mistakes? Yes!

Here is what I learned,
1. Do not wet your paper pattern if it came from your printer, the ink is water soluble - yikes!
2. I liked working on my golden threads paper better than photocopy paper.
3. When they say reduce your stitch length to 1.5 - do it!
4. My machine does not like to sew paper together, it slides and I can't match up the seams. :(
5. Fold the paper at the seam each time, it makes it easier to tear off the paper later.
6. Not sure if I have the attention span to do enough blocks for a large quilt.
You can see where the ink bled even after I washed it.

More ink :(

I have invested in some vellum paper from Staples. It comes in a pad of 50 sheets but the size is 11" x 17". Luckily I have a paper cutter at home, they offered the use of the paper cutter at the store which was nice. I haven't tried the vellum yet, that's my next project.

So I finished 2 blocks and I knew I wasn't in it for the long haul (also I'd run out of the colours because they were scraps) so I decided to make something with the 2 blocks.
Back of purse. The ugly block is on this side.

The front. Nice long handles, I don't like my purse to be in my armpit.

A zipper for security.

This is the lining. I like bright colours so I can find things in the bottom of my purse.

I might take it with me on our next mini trip. I hope it holds up better than my present purse is. It is really starting to get saggy. Next time I will try the foam I bought to line purses with and see if the purse is stronger.

By the way I wanted to share a tool I use every once in a while and it is a life saver. I hate turning tubes inside out, I always seem to poke a hole somewhere. Then I picked up these Tube Turners and It has been so easy to turn handles right side out, the little pull on my zipper, straps for the slip I made. I love these things. Happy sewing!

These are the sizes I have.

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