Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh Where Oh Where Have We Been?

I know I know it has been a while since either of us have posted. The only excuse we have is that life got in the way. June is a crazy month for us,
*there are report cards
*cleaning up the classroom/library
*re-shelving the books in correct numerical and alphabetical order
*2 end of year kindergarten parties
*cookies to bake for Library helpers
*movies to make for retiring Principals and end of year projects

At least the weather didn't get hot until the last week. 32 degrees outside means 40 degrees inside. I have no windows in the library and only 1 door I can open so it gets very hot in there, and we have lots of humidity here so you always feel damp. :(

Good news is we were able to take advantage of a good deal and buy new cars. Our Astras were great but the parts were taking longer to get to us and we couldn't afford to rent cars while we waited for parts. We were worried they would end up costing too much money now that the warranties were up and parts were becoming an issue. So on top of everything else we were negotiating for new cars!!!

A thin cotton, it is perfect for the heat.

There is a slit at the top of the dress.
I did get some sewing in. I showed you the cotton slip I made - so I used the pattern that came with the slip and made this dress. I like how it flows away from the body - very cool in the heat. I could belt it if I wanted it to stay close to the body.

I ordered a meter of each, I can hardly wait to make a quilt for the Library.
I ordered some fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics through Hawthorne's site. If you don't know the pigeon books by Mo Willems and you have young children you have to sign some out from your local library.
The pigeon is very popular with children. It was very interesting wearing this skirt to work.

I found a colour that almost matches at Fabricland.

This section is called the pillow case edge on the panel.

Back slit - tried to make the pigeons look like they were together.

No one over 4 feet noticed the pigeon on the edge of my skirt, but all the children saw it immediately. The children loved the skirt and so do I, I just need to take it in some more - I was a little too generous in the sizing!

I have also been reading blogs here and there. I was lucky enough to win a book from Swirly Girls Designs. I have been entering quilts at The Quilting Gallery's weekly Show and Tell and although I haven't won any of the quilt contests but I did win because I left a comment.

Hope to be here more often now!

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