Thursday, 25 July 2013

A quick Hint of What I've Been Up To!

First I've been working on my hexies. In the evening while we watch TV (on the internet) I sew Hexies together. This is what I have so far.
1 1/4" hexies. I'm going for a scrappy look so no border.

Second I've been playing with the Double Wedding Ring. I can't show you the front yet but here is a bit of the back to keep you guessing. I might enter this in the small category. Hmmm Once my templates come I'll start working on the larger quilt i want to enter.

Oh and I broke the lever that raises and lowers my foot (this is the second time), so it's in the shop to get some TLC. While it's there it's getting a spa treatment. Oh well, I do need to decide which Singer 301 I'm going to keep and which one I'm going to sell - this is a perfect time to sew on them and decide.

1 comment:

  1. mm love polka dots ... looking good on the hexigons x