Thursday, 25 July 2013

A quick Hint of What I've Been Up To!

First I've been working on my hexies. In the evening while we watch TV (on the internet) I sew Hexies together. This is what I have so far.
1 1/4" hexies. I'm going for a scrappy look so no border.

Second I've been playing with the Double Wedding Ring. I can't show you the front yet but here is a bit of the back to keep you guessing. I might enter this in the small category. Hmmm Once my templates come I'll start working on the larger quilt i want to enter.

Oh and I broke the lever that raises and lowers my foot (this is the second time), so it's in the shop to get some TLC. While it's there it's getting a spa treatment. Oh well, I do need to decide which Singer 301 I'm going to keep and which one I'm going to sell - this is a perfect time to sew on them and decide.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

63 Stars at the Quilting Gallery

Hi - I thought I'd just let you know that I entered my quilt, 63 Stars in the weekly Quilting Gallery's Show and tell.

If you follow the link then click on "The Blog" in the heading, it will take you to Michelle's blog. Then scroll down until you see "VoteNow: Scrappy Quilts" and click on this heading, it will take you to where you can vote.  You have until Monday to vote. Sorry but this week the prizes are just for the quilters. :(
Well I was third after the votes were cast, then the judge awarded points and I think I ended up 5th. Oh well there's always next time.  :)
Next week's theme is quilts for little ones, why don't you enter your quilt? I'm not sure what the prizes are next week.

The NYC Mod Quilt Guild is presenting a Double Wedding Ring quilt challenge. The prizes look amazing! If you go to their website soon and go to the blogs on the list you can enter to win a wedding template set from EZ Template by Darlene Zimmerman (start at the end and work back for a chance to win). If you remember the Dresden Quilt challenge from last year, the prizes are just as great as that contest. It is open to international participants. Why not give it a go? You can make a small, traditional or modern quilt. Or you could do one of each!

I visited a lot of the blogs and I was very excited to find out yesterday that I won a set of rulers from Elisa Albury's blog, 

So I'm off to plan what to make, modern or traditional? And what fabrics should I use?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Paper Piecing and the Mistakes I Made 'Cause I Don't Follow Instructions!

Well now that I have been working on hexies and hand sewing them into flowers I thought I should try some paper piecing. I searched the net and found a pattern I'd like to try. I found a star pattern at Ellison Lane. So I printed off the pattern and got to work. Did I read any instructions? No! Did I think I knew what I was doing? Yes! Did I make mistakes? Yes!

Here is what I learned,
1. Do not wet your paper pattern if it came from your printer, the ink is water soluble - yikes!
2. I liked working on my golden threads paper better than photocopy paper.
3. When they say reduce your stitch length to 1.5 - do it!
4. My machine does not like to sew paper together, it slides and I can't match up the seams. :(
5. Fold the paper at the seam each time, it makes it easier to tear off the paper later.
6. Not sure if I have the attention span to do enough blocks for a large quilt.
You can see where the ink bled even after I washed it.

More ink :(

I have invested in some vellum paper from Staples. It comes in a pad of 50 sheets but the size is 11" x 17". Luckily I have a paper cutter at home, they offered the use of the paper cutter at the store which was nice. I haven't tried the vellum yet, that's my next project.

So I finished 2 blocks and I knew I wasn't in it for the long haul (also I'd run out of the colours because they were scraps) so I decided to make something with the 2 blocks.
Back of purse. The ugly block is on this side.

The front. Nice long handles, I don't like my purse to be in my armpit.

A zipper for security.

This is the lining. I like bright colours so I can find things in the bottom of my purse.

I might take it with me on our next mini trip. I hope it holds up better than my present purse is. It is really starting to get saggy. Next time I will try the foam I bought to line purses with and see if the purse is stronger.

By the way I wanted to share a tool I use every once in a while and it is a life saver. I hate turning tubes inside out, I always seem to poke a hole somewhere. Then I picked up these Tube Turners and It has been so easy to turn handles right side out, the little pull on my zipper, straps for the slip I made. I love these things. Happy sewing!

These are the sizes I have.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Holiday Sewing Kit and Our Trip to Ottawa

Sharon and I and our Mum,  recently took a trip to Ottawa, Canada's capital city. We stayed in a great hotel and visited all the tourist spots. We saw Ottawa by taxi, double decker tour bus, walking and tour boat. We saw embassys, modern and old architecture, the Museum of civilization, Sparks Street, the changing of the Guards, sculptures and restaurants. It was very interesting to watch the changing of the guard, it was our first time seeing it and I felt very proud to be Canadian.
Maurice Richard played for the Montreal Canadians from 1942 to 1960

Horses by Joe Fafard

Called, Maman by Louise Bourgeois, it has 26 marble eggs in the sac under it's body. It represents the artist's mother? I promised my Mum I would never make her a spider!
One of several Lions around the Post Office near Sparks Street

Museum of Civilization. Beautiful building!

Shot from the top of the bus.
The Canadian War Museum, the little windows spell out "Lest We Forget" in Morse code in English and French.

Back of the Parliament buildings from the water. The round building is original. The rest had to be rebuilt after a fire in 1916.

Inside the museum of civilization.

Rideau Canal locks and Bytown Musem from the water.

I put together a sewing kit to take with me for those down times when we wouldn't be sight seeing and I didn't feel like reading. I cut 3" x 3" squares to make hexagon flowers. The fabric is from a prize I won last summer. I used a box and put everything inside for our trip.

I have finished gluing enough hexies for 5 of each colour flower so with 6 colours, I have made 30 sets of flowers ready to stitch together.

Yesterday I got 2 flowers sewn together.

Now I realize I will need more flowers so I have started looking through my stash for fabric that will fit in with the colours I have already chosen.

Although if we keep going on these little adventures it will eat into my fabric budget! (Just kidding Sharon) Can you imagine? I didn't get to one Quilt shop while in Ottawa! Something is wrong with the world!!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Oh Where Oh Where Have We Been?

I know I know it has been a while since either of us have posted. The only excuse we have is that life got in the way. June is a crazy month for us,
*there are report cards
*cleaning up the classroom/library
*re-shelving the books in correct numerical and alphabetical order
*2 end of year kindergarten parties
*cookies to bake for Library helpers
*movies to make for retiring Principals and end of year projects

At least the weather didn't get hot until the last week. 32 degrees outside means 40 degrees inside. I have no windows in the library and only 1 door I can open so it gets very hot in there, and we have lots of humidity here so you always feel damp. :(

Good news is we were able to take advantage of a good deal and buy new cars. Our Astras were great but the parts were taking longer to get to us and we couldn't afford to rent cars while we waited for parts. We were worried they would end up costing too much money now that the warranties were up and parts were becoming an issue. So on top of everything else we were negotiating for new cars!!!

A thin cotton, it is perfect for the heat.

There is a slit at the top of the dress.
I did get some sewing in. I showed you the cotton slip I made - so I used the pattern that came with the slip and made this dress. I like how it flows away from the body - very cool in the heat. I could belt it if I wanted it to stay close to the body.

I ordered a meter of each, I can hardly wait to make a quilt for the Library.
I ordered some fabric from Cloud 9 fabrics through Hawthorne's site. If you don't know the pigeon books by Mo Willems and you have young children you have to sign some out from your local library.
The pigeon is very popular with children. It was very interesting wearing this skirt to work.

I found a colour that almost matches at Fabricland.

This section is called the pillow case edge on the panel.

Back slit - tried to make the pigeons look like they were together.

No one over 4 feet noticed the pigeon on the edge of my skirt, but all the children saw it immediately. The children loved the skirt and so do I, I just need to take it in some more - I was a little too generous in the sizing!

I have also been reading blogs here and there. I was lucky enough to win a book from Swirly Girls Designs. I have been entering quilts at The Quilting Gallery's weekly Show and Tell and although I haven't won any of the quilt contests but I did win because I left a comment.

Hope to be here more often now!