Saturday, 8 June 2013

Sewing But Not Quilting

Last summer I made my first dress in many years. I was impressed even though I stretched the neck a touch. Once I put it on I realized I would need a slip.

I love that the hem is lace so I didn't have to turn the hem up.

Now I work in a school with NO AIR CONDITIONING! That means if it is 30 outside it feels like 40 inside, (I don't have any windows in my Library and 1 door) and we have HUMIDITY!!! So I was not going to wear a nylon slip - it would feel like I was wearing a plastic bag under my dress. So I set out to find a pattern.

 I found this pattern and it was lucky so I could make another dress and a slip. Now I am not happy with the sizing on patterns. Based my measurements I should be making a dress that would be too large for me if I bought it in a store. So I have to measure the pattern pieces and use several sizes on the pattern to make it fit nicely. It really helps to buy patterns that have a range of sizes to help me with this "tailoring".

The fabric is boiled cotton- nice and thin!
 Here is the slip, it's 6:00 in the morning and I'm getting ready for work so the pictures are a little dark. The slip was a little tight in places because I forgot a seam in sewing is 5/8 not 1/2 as I had measured. So next slip will be slightly bigger, but not bad for my first slip ever. I got some compliments at work before I told them I made it so I call this a success.
Oops! I forgot to show this prize I won from SuchitySuch while at Erica's blog Craftyblossom.

a layer cake of some of the fabrics in the line.