Sunday, 7 April 2013

Mini Mini Twister Quilt!

Yesterday I posted about the mini Charm Pack I won and how I was going to use my mini Twister Ruler with them. Well I used the ruler that is set up for 2 1/2" squares. I used the Marmalade charm pack. First I laid the squares out so it was pleasing to my eye.

Then I chose a colour as a border for the quilt and sewed it on. Now I was ready to cut.

See how small the ruler is? The other ruler I have is smaller!!!

The first row cut out.

The first row laid out beside my machine on a tray.

This is what is left of the outside border.
I used my small rotary cutter and carefully cut the tiny squares.

Here are the little squares put in order before I sew them together.

These are the little scraps that are left over.
Once that was done I was ready to sew the squares back together. Wow was it hard to press open the seams. I figured out at the very end to use the pressing cloth to cover the row I just pressed so as I pressed the next row I didn't press it closed again.
I used my regular rotary cutter to show you the size of the quilt.

Can you see the little pinwheels?

Interestingly it took almost as long to make this as it does to make a wall hanging sized quilt! I still want to at an outside border and quilt it on my domestic machine. It might be a great hot mat!


  1. WOW! they are small pieces!! well done for keeping going I think I will stick to bigger projects xx

  2. wow, this is so dinky! lovely result!