Saturday, 6 April 2013

Antique/Vintage Shopping - Warning -Lots of Pictures and Randomness

I read with great interest all the people who go to Vintage or Antique shops and come out with all sorts of treasures for quilting. I have not been so lucky. I have found the occasional bag of ribbons and zippers but not good fabric and quilty treats. Until now!!!
The old armory made over into an antique store.

The antique mall, it goes right through to the next street!

We went to a small town near us and visited the Antique mall which is really like booths in a large store. The cashier at the the store had a booth and he had stocked it with his late mother's quilting things. Books were $5.00 (some I had just bought for full price, ie. the Stack and Whack book). There were pattern packets, fabric bundles, rulers etc.

I came away spending $35.00 and I have a circle cutting ruler, a double pack of triangle rulers, a soap stone mechanical pencil and 1 refill, 2 books ( 1 with a CD), a paper piecing package ( I need to find the book, Bella Bella Quilts, to go with it), and triangle papers to make flying geese.

Wow was I happy. He also said he had 3 more boxes his Dad was bringing in later so I guess I will go back and have a look. There was so much stuff I thought a store had closed down!!!

I used one of the triangle rulers to cut out white fabric.
Scrap Bags have the end pieces of most of a designer line. the pieces range from 2" to 3" wide.

Then I took a scrap bag of Central Park by Kate Spain, I bought a while ago and trimmed the strips to 2 1/2" wide. Then I cut the strips into 1 1/4" strips.

I sorted them into colour groups and started sewing them to the triangles much like a log cabin. There were a few strips I left out because they didn't go with the colour scheme that appeared once they were sorted.
These didn't quite go with the other strips.

Now I have triangles and I have to figure out how to square them and what colour to use as the background. Any suggestions?

I just got this on sale and I think it might work.
Too dark? I kinda like it. I tried yellow and it was too pale. Hmmmm...

I also wanted to share the prize I won from the Beat the Winter Blues Blog Hop. I was lucky to be chosen to win a prize from Lizzie at the Swedish Scrapper.

It's so exciting to find these in the mailbox!
They are so cute and small.
 I have just the project to try with these mini charm packs, my mini Twister ruler!

Dresden challenge draw prize: 2 rulers and 2 FQ bundles.

I also forgot to share my draw prize from the Dresden Challenge from September. I found this picture as I was going through my camera card. I'm not sure what I'll do with so many FQ's of the same fabric but who knows maybe some prizes for a future blog contest and I can share my winnings! Happy quilting!


  1. Oh I love those stringy triangles! Very pretty

  2. well done x you DID do well xx NOW all you have to do is use all your goodies lol x

  3. What a lovely find!

    Why worry about squaring those triangles? There is no reason you cannot put them together as a larger triangle, or a hexie?