Sunday, 3 March 2013

We Interrupt the Regularly Programmed Quilting Time...

For a Mystery Bus Shop Hop!
 On Saturday I arrived at my LQS and hopped on to a beautiful coach/bus to who knows where. I had my suspicions where we might go. I get emails from several quilt stores and there had been some mention of a bus tour from their stores. We left the parking lot in Oshawa around 8:30ish and jumped onto the highway. I had a lovely seat mate for the day. We chatted and tried to figure out where we were heading.

Our first stop was a familiar store, Thimbles & Things. We had stopped there on our last bus trip. We were in Orillia, Ontario.
Look at the cool designs on the window.

This year they had expanded the store and I was able to see into the workroom of the Longarm quilters. (The threads were beautiful) The shop has beautiful fabrics and many notions. I was able to pick up an Angela Walters book. I met one of the LA quilters and found out she was a big Angela Walters fan and was going to be taking some classes with her soon. I was so jealous, but I'm not ready for that level of class yet so I can wait. The store is stocking many newer patterns and fabrics. I saw Jenn Ski fabric and rulers from Jay Bird Quilts. They also had patterns from Zen Chic. The Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful was coming soon.

I saw this beautiful modern quilt by Abi Jane patterns. The quilting on it was fantastic.

There was a small wall hanging that showed off a lot of quilting techniques. This is a good idea for me to try and use when I am ready to quilt for other people!

I saw the next quilt and had to give it a try, so I picked up the pattern. It certainly will use up my scraps. It is a paper piecing pattern and ends up at a 26 1/2" square.
Its like a log cabin diamond.
Then we were back on the bus and back on the highway. Where to next? Well, we were going south Hmmm! I think I know!
We turned at Cookstown and I knew we were going to one of my favourite stores.

The shop is in both of the buildings.
I have never seen so much fabric as there is at Country Concessions. It can be overwhelming if you don't have a project in mind. It is organized so well by colours and types of fabric.
This is just 1 aisle!
I picked up some solids for a baby quilt and a solid green for a small border on my Stack and Whack. I also picked up some special soap to soak the purple and white Zig Zag quilt in to try and get rid of the antique stains. I saw this small twister quilt hanging on the wall and had to pick up the 2' ruler to make another twister with my scraps.
I think the blocks end up 1 1/2' wide! Oven mitt? Hot pad?
 It could end up being fun or it could make me crazy, we'll see. After half of the group shopped we went upstairs to eat lunch and see demonstrations while the other half shopped downstairs. The food was great and home-made by one of the wonderful ladies working downstairs. While I was eating I saw this quilt and just had to take a picture.
Merry Chutney is the pattern name

We jumped on the bus ready for our third store. We played some games and tried to guess closest to the total we had spent at each store. ( At the end of the day there was close to $9000.00 spent. Then we arrived at the third store. I have seen this store's booth at the Creativ Festival and was intrigued to see what they had to offer.
The store front doesn't indicate what is inside.

We were at Sew Sisters in Toronto. The store is bright and has lovely quilts hanging on the walls as well as antique toy sewing machines.
This quilt has yo-yos and small squares with little houses around the border.

There is a discount room and they were demo-ing EPP in another room.
Grandmother's Flower Garden                                                                                                           My sample will make the flower up to the orange ring. 
I bought a sample kit to make one flower. I figure it will help me decide if I will do EPP more seriously with a large project, or, if this will be my one and only time.
I saw this next quilt on the way out the door and took a picture.
Don't you think they'd be cute as little monsters?
 I thought I could change the bumps into little monsters with big eyes and antenna! You can see Angela Walters book in the picture too and yes I had to buy it so now I have both her books Yippee! I had fun and saw a lot of inspirational quilts and projects. I was tired and happy and only went slightly above my budget, (I did buy 2 books!) and I bought things that go with a project I am presently working on or to use up scraps so I think it was a successful day!

Now back to your regularly programmed channel...

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  1. Sew Sisters is not far from where I live and I was actually thinking of doing the bus tour. Now I wish I had...LOL I must check out Country Concessions. All that fabric...eeek:)