Monday, 11 March 2013

Is it spring yet?

Some winters I feel like a hibernating bear and by this time of year I just can't wait for spring to come!  I have been absent from our blog for awhile now and could list a long line of excuses and reasons but I'd rather be like spring and begin again.

We drove to Peterborough to the Farmer's Market, which is open year round, to see what they had available and to get some goat's cheese from our favourite goat farmer.  It was busy even though we were late arriving so much of what was available was already gone.  Next week we plan on getting there for opening so we can bring more spring home with us. 

My eye was caught by a few bunches of green that were left at one farmers stand - cilantro!  It smelled so fresh and fragrant and I got excited just thinking about what I could use it in.  This is strange for me though because I have just begun to eat cilantro in small amounts but the freshness was alluring.  Recipes for peanut sauces, salads, pad thai and fish, just to mention a few, were swirling around in my head! 

Being vegetarian we eat a lot of beans and legumes and they can get somewhat boring when prepared in the same way over and over.  At the market there is a gentleman, perhaps a chef, who makes the most delicious food.  He uses fresh, local ingredients and various herbs and spices but how he combines them is amazing!  We bought dinner to take home - two containers with three types of salads, a mixed white bean salad, a red rice salad and a quinoa salad.  The mixed white bean salad was so different I had to try to recreate it.  I probably would have had an easier time if I had saved some to taste as I was creating but it was way too yummy to not finish it.  So here's what I came up with.

Coconut milk (full fat since I can add my own water to thin it out), grainy mustard, salt, fresh lemon juice, salt, pepper and of course, cilantro (I didn't have mint or basil which I think was in the original salad).

I whisked everything together and tasted.  It needed some depth so I added some Sriracha (hot sauce) and tasted again.  Yum!  Not what I had tasted from the market but just as yummy. 
 Cooked white beans, chickpeas and another white bean I found in my cupboard from our CSA a couple years ago :)  Boy do they keep well!

 I poured it over the beans and gently mixed them together.

Delicious all on its own!

 I served it for lunch with a slice of fresh bread from Marche 59 in Port Hope and slices of Thai Cheddar from England by way of Herma's north of Coburg.  The cheese complimented the beans really well.

We also bought these vegetable "chips" from Marche 59.  Light, crispy and very tasty.
Beautiful to photograph.

So although we have a lot of snow left on the ground and it's a couple of weeks away, I can see signs of spring poking out so you'll be seeing/reading a lot more from this grumpy bear! 

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  1. I love a farmers market. The sights,smells, quirky people.....
    Enjoy your day and happy spring ; )