Saturday, 16 March 2013

Flower Ring Pin Cushion

In celebration of International Quilting Day I thought I'd make a craft before going back to my quilt on the frame. I have seen lots of pin cushions out there and really love them.
Go to flossieblossoms site to see how she made this!
I want to make this, happy little cottage.
My inspiration, Lostlessness

I didn't have the time or energy to make one like this so I decided to make something small. I already have a pin cushion I use all the time but it stays beside my machine.

This is left over from my folk art days. I painted it for a sale but no one bought it so it came home with me.

I needed a portable one. I often put pins in my mouth especially when using the longarm so I thought I'd make myself a ring pin cushion. A ring brings the pins right to my hand so I can use both of my hands when spreading out the quilt top.

I dug into my scrap box and found some pieces then used a piece of cardboard and made a template for the petals. The fabric for the center was a square so I rounded the corners and sewed a running stitch around the edge and gathered it in then stuffed it before tying it off. I sewed the petals on the machine, trimmed them and clipped the curves. I turned then out, pressed them and tucked the raw edges in to the opening. I folded the edges of the petal like a W and tacked them in this position then sewed them all together in a circle.

Then I attached the center with some stitches through to the back, no one will see the back! I bought a ring at Michael's. It opens like a locket and the top had holes/filigree on it.
The filigree is quilt like!

It was perfect for sewing through to attach the flower.
It only holds a few pins but it's so cute.

Could I wear it to work?

There's room for leaves if I get motivated!
Happy quilting! I'm linking up with SewCalGal's Virtual Sew-cial


  1. I LOVE your pincushion ring!

  2. Happy International Quilting day to you too! Your pincushion turned out so cute. Way to go.

  3. Barb, this is so cute. Love your pincushion ring and great tutorial too! Plus all the inspirational pin cushion ideas. What fun.

    I've been stitching up a storm in my little sewing room today and thinking about you and others at the same time. I do hope you too are having a wonderful day celebrating International Quilting Day.


  4. Thanks. That is the cutest pincushion. Hope you are enjoying quilting today.

  5. These are adorable! That little travel trailer is wonderful as is that flower ring! Very, very cute! ~Jeanne

  6. Wow, now you take Spring where ever you go!

  7. Your pincushion ring is so charming! What a fun project for spring! Thanks.