Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Finished Baby Quilt - Baby in the Jungle

I am late posting this but things seem to happen and get in the way and then there is the crashing at the end of the day! I'm no spring chicken any more. :(
I was able to finish the quilting and get the binding done by the end of Sunday. I have to wrap it and get a card because my friend could have to leave work soon even though she's not due quite yet I'd like to be prepared incase.

I started quilting this with no plan, yikes! I started the border because I am comfortable with the paisley design but I didn't know how I was going to do the rest.
I'm learning to add pebbles in areas that won't fit a paisley.

 I started the inner borders making figure 8's (I did get stuck a few times when I had to do them upside down - boy you should have seen the concentration on my face, I actually traced it with my fingers until I could get my brain around it)

These are shots of the back so you can see the figure 8 design.

I decided to leave the larger block undone so they will pop up when the quilt is washed.

I put a 4 petal flower in the small block.
I took the completed quilt outside and lay it on the last clean patch of snow. I thought that was the end of the snow but we got more today and yesterday. Sharon helped me choose the binding colour. I didn't want yellow because it is a baby quilt and I thought it might show the dirt, so we went with red.

The completed quilt.

This is from the charm pack. I wrote on it with a thin Sharpie and set it with my iron.

 I have a question. Do you wash your quilts before giving them away? Where can I get colour catchers in Ontario, Canada? They aren't in my grocery store or Walmart any more. Do you give a colour catcher with your gift? (I only have 3 or 4 left)

A little picture of Poppy to sign off with...
Isn't she cute? She's a 20kg lap dog!


  1. It's very cute, and what fabulous quilting!

  2. sure you are warm with her on your lap xx I dont wash quilts before handing them over as I dont want to cause a reaction to my washing powder... they may use the same as me .. but I wont know!! lol x Sorry cant help with the colour catcher as here in the UK we can get them in the shops quite easily xx