Sunday, 24 March 2013

Earth Hour

1 hour
60 minutes
I'm having difficulty writing this post today.  You see, I'm green.  Yup, through and through.  I recycle pretty much everything, think before buying new items, compost, support my local farmers by buying locally, eat seasonally, try to use local companies as much as possible, grow some veggies and fruits, cook at home, preserve the harvest, brown bag it to work, conserve energy, use natural cleaning products, reuse laundry wash water, and have rain barrels and an outdoors clothes line to install this spring and I'm sure lots more that have just become a part of our daily life.  So naturally I love green initiatives and Earth Hour is one of them.  It's fun, simple and really easy to do ... so ... why when I look out my window last night at my neighbourhood were lights on at most of the houses?  I'm confused, are we not in this together?  Does what we do not effect each other?  Inside my head there is a huge rant (yes more than has already leaked out) ready to burst out all over this post.  I don't really want to put all that negativity out there so I need some help (yes, probably that kind too).  What I can do next year for Earth Hour that might see more houses with the lights out.  Any ideas?  On a news report I saw how one family had a BBQ and invited all their neighbours and another couple had an Earth Hour cocktail type party in the dark.  Hmmm!  Food, drinks, friendly people, sounds good!  So please send me any and all of your ideas you very creative people or perhaps tell us how you spent your 1 hour in the dark. 

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