Saturday, 16 February 2013

Stack and Whack Adventures

Recently at my FQS's Open House I signed up for a class in Stack and Whack quilting. The first class was cancelled due to our snow storm so last night was our first class. We are working from the book by Bethany S. Reynolds called Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts.
I am making a lap or up to a twin sized quilt because I am trying to use fabric from my stash and it has a shorter pattern repeat (11") I decided to try a fabric by Paintbrush Studio called Andromeda. It has a lot of white in the background but I think it works. I don't have enough for the borders so this is the last time I will see the fabric in one piece. :)
You can see the pin is placed in the tip of the leaf to match each layer.

Once we found the repeat and cut sections that match, then we had to layer each piece on top of each other and try to get them to match perfectly! We used a pin and one spot on the pattern to match as well as like the old flip books we used to make as children, we flipped the fabric up and down. The book has great instructions and there are great videos on you tube.

The next step was to cut strips 6 1/4" wide then cut those strips into 6 1/4" square. Then cut the squares on the diagonal to make triangles. When cutting the triangles it is important not to cut similar squares on the same diagonal so you get different patterns.

It's important to keep all the same triangles pinned together.
Then the fun part, auditioning your background colour. It was very interesting seeing the effect of different backgrounds on the stars. I really wanted this quilt to have a white background but the stars disappeared into the white. I tried a little green and it was beautiful but it didn't speak to me. My instructor chose some turquoises with patterns. (Sorry I was in class and didn't take pictures) I found the patterns were too busy or had a direction. So I went with Kona solid in turquoise.
The white background is wishy washy.

Now the star pops!
This is the same "star" but with a different orientation (switched points to the center). I like the design created in the "star" above.

An example of the other triangles.
I have 12 triangles cut out but I only need 8 so I have extras to chose from. It is important to make all the "stars" face the same direction, ie. the points of the triangle point in the same direction of each "star". My next class is next Friday and it goes until 10PM to make up for a missed class. Come back and see what it begins to look like.

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  1. I look forward to more pics, and the finished items. Looking good!