Saturday, 23 February 2013

All 8 Blocks are Complete

Well, I went to class and finished all my Stack and Whack blocks. Then I had to decide how arrange the blocks in the quilt. Once that was done I began assembling my quilt. I have the 3 strips complete with the 2 corners attached.
Sorry I used my iPhone to take this photo in the shop.

Now I have to sew the strips together, then add the last 2 corners. The next step will be to decide if I want an inner border and what colour to make it.I was thinking the green in the quilt and my teacher suggested the turquoise I bought. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I took a picture of a block of one of the ladies in the class. It is beautiful, and the next block she made had more black in it and was so different.
I love the wreath in the center.

These are going to be very beautiful quilts when everyone is done. My next class is in 2 weeks.

In the mean time I have all the letters on my Keep Calm quilt. I now have to appliques around them. I have been playing with my serger today and if what I am doing works I'll show you. It's not looking good at the moment. I will give you a hint:
I took this picture at the One-of-a-Kind craft show. I forget the artist's name but her things were very cool.


  1. Your blocks are very nice. I've never done a stack n' whack. Good for you ; )

  2. the blocks are beautiful...a bright and bold colour would be my choice x REMEMBER you have to love the colour .. because it is YOUR quilt x