Saturday, 23 February 2013

All 8 Blocks are Complete

Well, I went to class and finished all my Stack and Whack blocks. Then I had to decide how arrange the blocks in the quilt. Once that was done I began assembling my quilt. I have the 3 strips complete with the 2 corners attached.
Sorry I used my iPhone to take this photo in the shop.

Now I have to sew the strips together, then add the last 2 corners. The next step will be to decide if I want an inner border and what colour to make it.I was thinking the green in the quilt and my teacher suggested the turquoise I bought. Any thoughts or suggestions?

I took a picture of a block of one of the ladies in the class. It is beautiful, and the next block she made had more black in it and was so different.
I love the wreath in the center.

These are going to be very beautiful quilts when everyone is done. My next class is in 2 weeks.

In the mean time I have all the letters on my Keep Calm quilt. I now have to appliques around them. I have been playing with my serger today and if what I am doing works I'll show you. It's not looking good at the moment. I will give you a hint:
I took this picture at the One-of-a-Kind craft show. I forget the artist's name but her things were very cool.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Stack and Whack Blocks 2 and 3

I finished these on Monday but forgot to post them. I am very happy with how these are turning out and I'm excited to see the finished quilt. My next class is Friday night. I hope to have my blocks finished so I can assemble it during class time. We'll see!!!

This is my favourite so far!

Monday, 18 February 2013

Stack and Whack Block 1

I thought I'd show you what I've accomplished so far as I dash out the door to spend some time on Family Day with my Mum.

I have selected all my "kaleidoscopes". We cut out 12 so we could pick the best 8.

I have cut out my background fabric for the rest of the quilt.

triangles and rectangles to attach to blocks

large triangle for inside and corners

I have completed one block, yeah!
I love this blue!

And yes, I changed the background colour and I like it even better than the Turquoise. The blocks seem to relax into the colour.
On turquoise, it's okay.

Okay gotta go, talk soon!

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A Valentine Mystery

I'm participating in a Show and Tell at the Quilting Gallery. Please go and vote for my quilt A Valentine Mystery. If you leave a comment you could win a prize!
This is the first mystery quilt I have ever done. It helped me work outside the box of always knowing what my finished product would look like. I chose Valentine themed fabrics so I could use it in my Library for February. I also practised my first ever feathers on my Avante machine.

Stack and Whack Adventures

Recently at my FQS's Open House I signed up for a class in Stack and Whack quilting. The first class was cancelled due to our snow storm so last night was our first class. We are working from the book by Bethany S. Reynolds called Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts.
I am making a lap or up to a twin sized quilt because I am trying to use fabric from my stash and it has a shorter pattern repeat (11") I decided to try a fabric by Paintbrush Studio called Andromeda. It has a lot of white in the background but I think it works. I don't have enough for the borders so this is the last time I will see the fabric in one piece. :)
You can see the pin is placed in the tip of the leaf to match each layer.

Once we found the repeat and cut sections that match, then we had to layer each piece on top of each other and try to get them to match perfectly! We used a pin and one spot on the pattern to match as well as like the old flip books we used to make as children, we flipped the fabric up and down. The book has great instructions and there are great videos on you tube.

The next step was to cut strips 6 1/4" wide then cut those strips into 6 1/4" square. Then cut the squares on the diagonal to make triangles. When cutting the triangles it is important not to cut similar squares on the same diagonal so you get different patterns.

It's important to keep all the same triangles pinned together.
Then the fun part, auditioning your background colour. It was very interesting seeing the effect of different backgrounds on the stars. I really wanted this quilt to have a white background but the stars disappeared into the white. I tried a little green and it was beautiful but it didn't speak to me. My instructor chose some turquoises with patterns. (Sorry I was in class and didn't take pictures) I found the patterns were too busy or had a direction. So I went with Kona solid in turquoise.
The white background is wishy washy.

Now the star pops!
This is the same "star" but with a different orientation (switched points to the center). I like the design created in the "star" above.

An example of the other triangles.
I have 12 triangles cut out but I only need 8 so I have extras to chose from. It is important to make all the "stars" face the same direction, ie. the points of the triangle point in the same direction of each "star". My next class is next Friday and it goes until 10PM to make up for a missed class. Come back and see what it begins to look like.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Snow Day!

Well we finally got the snow we haven't had for most of the Winter. It started Thursday night and only dropped about 5cm. Many people didn't believe that the predicted amount of snow would come, so Friday morning they drove to work. We have had many "storms" predicted and then not show up. By lunch time there was a lot of snow on the ground and the driving was getting treacherous. Sharon and I opted to stay home and off the road.

Sharon and I bought a snowblower and it sat in the garage for around 3 weeks. We were wondering if we were going to need it this Winter. We did our driveway and sidewalk and by the time we finished it looked like we hadn't been out there! We went out again later in the evening and it looks better this morning.  I think we got the 30cm plus of snow that was promised.
It's beautiful and sunny today. The sun is warming up the tree and the snow is starting to fall off.
That lump is a dwarf Spruce tree!

The main road (with a bus running on it) was plowed Thursday night and finally was plowed again late Friday night or early Saturday morning. Our road hasn't been plowed yet and we know when it gets done we will have to dig out the end of our driveway again. :(
This is a Poppy-eye view out our windows.
Poppy doing sentry duty!

The snow has been piling up on the windows and Poppy has to stand to look out the windows to check on the wild rabbits (who have the sense to stay inside their dens). She also has to jump over the snow to get outside and back inside.

Not much sewing or cooking done. We're both tired and sore - I hate this part of getting older.

It's funny that you can see design and quilting patterns in simple things. This is a photo of our "courting" chair in the backyard. All that can be seen is the back rest! It makes me think of a quilting pattern!
It is a lower chair but an adult can sit in it comfortably. Couples sit in it who are courting without sitting right next to each other or touching each other!