Monday, 21 January 2013

Total Immersion

I haven't been sewing a huge amount recently. I have 3 quilts on the go right now. The Wave quilt, the HST quilt and the background for the Keep Calm and Carry On quilt. I'll share more pictures as I get them sorted.

In the mean time I had a little accident with my iPhone. I lost my belt holder for my phone so I was carrying it in my pocket. Every time I sat down my phone fell out of my pocket. So I put in in my back pocket of my dress pants (the pockets are half pockets). It was perfect and stayed there until lunch. Then I went to the washroom. I turned to sit and... You know what happened next, PLUNK was all I heard... total immersion.
Go to this website for help if this happens to you.
I grabbed it as fast as I could (thank goodness it was just water) and wrapped it in paper towels. I went out and bought rice and covered it in a bowl for the rest of the day until I could get home. I was able to get all my info off the phone but it was dead after that. So we went out and bought a new phone (yes we!!!) Sharon wouldn't let me get a new phone without her - we only had 2 months left on our contract.
We bought Apple insurance which helps with batteries, cracked cases and FLUID IMMERSION!!! Like that will ever happen again.

To make sure it doesn't happen again I decided to make a case.
The side panel was too short because I measured the phone not the pattern piece.
 I traced the phone and bought 2 fat quarters and layered them and quilted it in a diamond pattern.

The first time I cut the side panel too short. Then I had some difficulty with the zipper but I am satisfied with the results.
Back with a loop and a hook as well as a carabiner. My new Otter case. It's pink!

Front of pouch. Next time I will make sure the pouch doesn't have a waist!!!

I have more fabric and I think I might make a pouch to store the charge cord and earphones in.
Have you ever had a phone accident?


  1. I hope it keeps it safe : )

  2. The waist is kind of cute- you might exaggerate that another time, as a style detail?

    Lovely case, though, and it will keep your phone all cosy

  3. ACK! so sorry that happened with the phone! But at least you now have this groovy case. Love that fabric you chose. Nice job!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has dropped their phone in the loo although mine fell in after I'd been!! Nightmare! Your case looks great though and hopefully it will never happen again. Visiting through Lily's Quilts small blog meet.