Friday, 4 January 2013

January Is Organizing Time

Well this post isn't about cooking or quilting but it is creative. Sharon and I decided we needed to get more organized. That happens when a dining room set arrives in your home before it was expected. We had to do some rethinking of where things go and what we will use and how it will look.

I have posted about using the teak hutch/buffet as my new quilting storage and it is working out so far. This is not a permanent solution, but we have a small construction project to get done before we can move the hutch to its new home.
Sharon bought the silver light for me for my birthday. (I bought a second one)  Now I'll be able to see when I quilt white on white on the LA.
 I also purchased a mini trolley to store small things on so that my cutting table is cleared off.
I saw this on someone's blog and loved it.

This is my scrap fabric box and selvage box which live under my cutting table. You can see the bed risers I use to raise the height of the cutting table to save my back.
See the old iron at the bottom, we use it as a door stop!

A while ago we had purchased a cork board in a white frame to use to post important notes and papers instead of piling them. Sharon then though that using push pins might be dangerous because Poppy eats things that fall on the ground. So we bought some fabric and ribbon and made a new note board. I still have to sew some buttons on the cross sections of some of the ribbons so things won't fall out but this is what it looks like now. It is on a white door so it kind of blends in.

Then we took the singer treadle base (we used it when we made tomato sauce in the summer) attached a piece of wood on top then covered the wood with oil cloth.
Ran out of staples - had to go look for some.

Corners are a bit tricky!

The other base is black with a white-ish top

Now our desk is made of 2 treadle bases and it seems lighter because the base is see through. have you got the organization bug? (We have watched several episodes of Consummed on the computer and that was part of the incentive!)

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