Friday, 21 December 2012

Wavy Quilt Continued

Okay so here is part 2 of the wavy quilt. I realized if I joined all the blocks together I would have to cut single "bumps" in order for the curves to continue. Nah - not doing that! So I joined them together in a square made up of 4 blocks.
You can see how the blocks don't match.

Then I looked at the fabrics I had on hand to use as a border. I wasn't happy with the fabrics I had. While we were out shopping in a little town near us I popped into a quilting store I have never been to before. They carry a lot of reproduction feedsack fabrics and I was able to find a fabric that goes very well with the colours in my blocks.
The circles mimic the polka dots in the blocks.

This is going to be a baby quilt so I will put sashing between the 4 blocks and bind with the same fabric. I think it will look nice! What do you think?

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