Saturday, 1 December 2012


Have you ever walked by a puzzle and instantly saw a piece you've been looking for and popped it into place? Or you move one block and all of a sudden you can feel it, that is the perfect placement? Today I moved my cut blocks out of the way to cut strips of white fabric to go between them.
Woo Hoo brain wave!

When I looked down I realized the block looked much better that way. So I cut my 5" white strips and then cut them again so they were 9 and 1/4" then I cut them to match the first patterned blocks.

I realized I had to re-press half of the patterned block so the seams would nestle together.

Changed seams so they nestle :)

Then I laid everything out ready to chain stitch.

Once they were lined up I started piecing the patterned fabric back together then I started the curve seaming. Now I have never done curved seams like this (that I can remember). I started at the squared off end and pinned the middle points but after 2 or 3 I stopped pinning the middle and just went for it!

Placement practise and fold line.

Side one attached!

These curves press out really nicely.
Side two attached and needs a wee trim.

Now I have a few more decisions about pattern placement then I'll be able to work toward completing this small quilt. Come back to see more progress! (Hmmmm? Do I make random shapes or do I make a squiggle? Hmmmm?)


  1. Aren't you clever! I need to get over my fear of curves ; )

  2. Very cool...I think it's a wonderful idea:)

    I agree with you about scent. Some perfumes give me a splitting headache and it doesn't help that some people just pour it on:(

  3. How did you get the same curve on the pieced blocks and the white strips? Follow a ruler? Lay them on top of each other to cut? Looks like a cool idea to try.